No more lessons!

I don’t know anything about their update/addition history, but there is room to add some items. According to WKstats, there are 155 joyo kanji not covered by WK, so I would expect that to be the likely point of focus if they choose to add more material. The material covered here gives access to the vast majority of joyo and frequently used kanji.

When I first started studying Japanese in 2001, the joyo kanji list was shorter. There were only 1,945. Now, there are 2,136.

I envy your apprentice count (a full month after hitting level 60 and my apprentice is 107, hovered over 300 for the last 10 levels). And you’re not getting too many reviews per day. It’s normal to get items wrong over and over, so don’t get discouraged! Your dashboard looks great!

Also it looks like some of your main leeches are the 1-10 days? Those are a total pain but your best bet is probably to study them separately or memorize a song or something because they’re so random. They still drive me nuts XD

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Congrats! That must feel pretty amazing. No matter how large your review pile is, it must be a huge relief to not have to worry about lessons!

Can I ask why you’re planning to do a reset after full burn? I’d think after finishing wanikani, putting study time into a reset is not that productive/fun compared to immersing a lot, so I’m really curious what your reasoning is!