No mnemonic for the onyomi reading of 首 in 首位

Please make one!

It’s in the vocab item 首班 in level 48, because they changed 主位 to 首位 (same meaning, different kanji) but probably forgot they didn’t teach the しゅ onyomi yet.

How about this:

You were running a race and were in the leading position, but then behind you, someone’s shoe (しゅ) flew off and hit you in the neck (首), so you ended up losing the race.

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Is this before or after 部首? I forget if it is or isn’t but I feel like that’s where I learned the しゅ reading for 首 which is why 首位 didn’t bother me.


Oh, actually yeah, the onyomi is taught in level 9, so the level 48 repeat of it is erroneous.

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i came across this in lvl 11 and i dont remember the shu reading tbh

if it appeared before at least cite the word it was used in to make people remember it

oh right it was the same with the reading for radical 部首, well there should be a reminder for that

I totally agree with you and asked for it in a different thread but Kristen said no =/

Maybe they will reconsider their decision upon stumbling on this thread, i am just giving feedback because i love WaniKani and want to make as many people as possible enjoy it as well!

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