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Excellent! I suspected as much. Thank you!

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So, I’ve levelled up now, and it doesn’t work how I expected…

Yes, when I have it (back on Shuffled in WK settings) filter to 1 radical 2 kanji and 2 vocab, that’s what I get: 1 radical 2 kanji 2 vocab. However, if I click Filter again and again, or the center of xMunch’s Ultimate Reorder scale (which would reload and refresh to bring me 5 different items) I get the same 5 items in a slightly different order. Again, and again, and again. So I can’t simply cycle through until I see vocab that I automatically think I know, or kanji that looks dissimilar or more similar with each other. I literally see the same 5 items only.

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I think this may be because you designed the script to work with the two ascending settings that WK has added.
I wish your Shuffle button would reload and shuffle items but still filtering the number of types of items I want.

Clicking your filter button a second time doesn’t even change the order, it literally does nothing once the initial filter has gone through. I have to click the middle of the scale to change the order (when I wish it would bring me five different items).

The only way to get 5 different items is if I go up to the top of the browser and refresh the lesson page itself. And then I have to filter them again (which so far, seems to have wanted to just kick out 1 vocabulary word, keep 4 items that were already in the mix, and add one radical). I was hoping for more randomization than this.

This works as intended. : D

Think of it this way: If you remove a level or item type using Reorder Ultimate, you also have to reload the page to get those items back. After clicking the Filter button in my script, look at the top right. You will see the numbers change. It’s as if the removed items don’t exist. This is also the same as Reorder Ultimate.

I’d considered having a Reset button, but refreshing the page is a reset button, and it was a lot more work since I’d have to keep a copy of the full queue and keep it in sync with WaniKani’s queue when lessons are completed. Also, the use case you just described seems like a minority use case. The purpose of the script is to get the specified mix of lessons by type and you are right that I designed it specifically with the new settings in mind. But I would guess that most people wanting random lessons of each type would be okay with any lessons of those type. Obviously that doesn’t help you, but that’s my reasoning.

I did not notice that!

That was not how I was expecting (or wanting) the script to work. : / (But good for you: it’s not a bug!)

Yeah, I guess I’ll have to go back to clicking the scales endlessly until I get a good mix. Just sometimes when there’s piles of vocabulary it takes a while to find a kanji or a radical - or to have at least 1 of each mixed in. *sighs* I was really hoping I could have it both ways.

I’m keeping your script for the odd time when I get frustrated with endless clicking… (which likely won’t be so infrequent as all that)…

EDIT: I will take a closer look at that next time.

How many lessons do you do in one sitting? I personally do 12 in three sets of 4. But I don’t filter to 4 three separate times. I filter once to 12 with the mix I want, and then shuffle until I get the right mix per set. Since I have more items remaining (12) than my batch size (4), shuffling can actually change the content of each set.

Perhaps another approach would work for you. Maybe you should filter to a more manageable set of vocabulary to improve your chances of getting a radical or kanji in the mix. Also, by not filtering to exactly 5 items, the Shuffle button would actually mix up the items as you want.

I used to do 2 sets of 5 (10 lessons total) in a row, then 4 hours later after that review, another 5 or 10 (in 1-2 sets of 5).

Lately I tend to do 5 or 10 a day, the 10 might be all together (usually is) or 5, and then 5 more 4 hours later. Some days I do no lessons. (Very, very slow pace lately. I was nearly done level 15 with only 3 more kanji to start lessons on + 3 days to Guru them since 20 days into the level, but I wound up taking 87 days on the level. Intentionally. I’m not retaining new Japanese well at the moment (kanji/radicals mostly) as I’m distracted by many outside life stressors… I think my brain is overflowing with stress.)

Okay. Well let me know how my suggestion works for improving the radical/kanji to vocab ratio. If you try it that is.

I like a few minutes break between the lesson sets (so I can add synonyms, and breathe for a second, jsut a short rest before pressing on).

Also I’m not sure exactly by which steps you mean to achieve this, when your Shuffle does not take the numbers in the boxes into account.

But I might (when I understand what you mean) on a day where I feel like I can handle more than 5 items at a time. Since I generally like to learn 3-4 new kanji a day, 1-2 radicals, and the rest vocab… maybe I could try a 10 batch with filters when I’m feeling more mentally up to it.

Just use the Filter and Shuffle buttons one after the other. Filter to some number greater than 5 and you’ll see that shuffling will still mix up the items and change what items are in a lesson set.

If you didn’t use my script, you’d just do your lesson of 5 items and then end the session. I’m recommending you do something similar, but improve your chances of getting a radical/kanji by using the script. So, for example:

  1. Filter to some number of vocab much less than the total number of vocab available and much closer to the number of radicals and kanji (for example, 20 vocab). This will improve your chances of getting radicals and kanji in the mix.
  2. Shuffle until you get 5 items you like.
  3. Do your lesson of 5 items.
  4. Exit the lesson page.

Hopefully that clears things up. If not, just try different things for a while and see if you find anything that works for you.

Ah! That totally clears things up.
I will try that.


If that works as you explain it, should be much quicker than endlessly clicking away at the other script. : ) Thanks.

Yeah, when you initially spoke about this script before this thread opened, I was totally excited for my specific use case (as you’ve seen in a few of my longer posts above). Apparently we weren’t exactly on the same page. XD

I had code in the original release to stop the item batch bar from “floating” and overlaying the lesson filter UI. This broke some time in the last week. Version 1.1.1 hopefully fixes this in a way that will be more resistant to change.

Hi ! Thanks a lot for this.

I have a question: How are levels added? I don’t want to learn something that unlocks next level’s stuff. That’s a real concern for me, since I just want to stay with the same level items until I finish nearly everything.

How does wanikani adds items to the lesson queue? And how can I skip learning new kanjis, for example, and keep the items related to already learned kanji?

The levels are added based on your lesson setting on the WaniKani settings page. See the first post for details and a link. Really it doesn’t matter if you unlock the next level though. As long as you have the Ascending level then subject setting on, it will give you the previous level’s vocab before anything from the newly unlocked level.

If you don’t want to do any new kanji lessons when you have vocab lessons available just set the kanji input to 0 and leave the vocab input blank. Then click the Filter button.

OK nice. But here’s the thing. I don’t want to see items from the new level and items that use certain kanji I’m skipping before time.

If I have level A and level B items. K is a kanji from level B. If I skip kanjis, will I see items related to that kanji in the lessons? i bet I do!


mmm. Maybe filtering by level would be awesome, if you added that! But that would be a neat feature to add to your skip script! Skip items from a given level . That way you can be sure no new items show up that will add up more stuff to your current level when you advance to 90% guru.

Specially for the ones that go slowly learning like me. I don’t want to get distracted by new stuff until I learn all vocab of the current lesson.

Let me show you one case:

Learning vocab of level A… I load new lesson, and I have these 5 items:


I can skip the kanji, ok. But then I get B and B which are from the next level, before I did KB and before I finished the As.

But I’m forced to add all of them to my review list… to finish this lesson. I want to avoid that !!!

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

First, make sure you are using the setting I mentioned in my last post. You probably are, but please double check.
Also, keep in mind that you can’t do lessons for vocab that have kanji that you haven’t guru’ed. WaniKani already prevents that. Any vocab from the next level that would unlock on level up only use kanji that you’ve already guru’ed.

If you use the setting I mentioned, you will always get lessons in the following order:

RA KA VA RB KB VB, where A and B are consecutive levels.
Since you will always get vocab from level A before radicals or kanji from level B, if you see only vocab in your lesson set you are good to go. But let’s say you see a radical or kanji in the 4th spot out of 5. That means you have only 3 vocab from the current level available. In that case, type in 0 for radicals, 0 for kanji, and 3 for vocab.

I won’t add filtering by level since it would make the script too complicated, but hopefully that suggestion works for you.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I just finished all the items in level 2 and i tested this. Obviously , when I said: I don’t want any new radicals, then a new kanji appeared… I hope for letting you select until WHEN you want to add items. Not just surprise you with 5 items, maybe some you still don’t feel prepared.

For my uses, this replaces the reorder ultimate script, which is a good thing, because that script is buggy and strange lately.


Hey everyone, I need some advice! I’m trying to update the script to include the ability to change the batch size on the fly. Here’s vaguely what it could look like:


Unlike radicals, kanji, and vocab, WaniKani didn’t conveniently supply me with standardized names and colors for the batch size. So I need:

  • A background color for the batch size input, preferably a color on which white text is clear. Hex code preferred, but I’ll convert it if you feel like being lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • A short, yet descriptive word to put above the input. As you can see, Batch Size creates a large gap between inputs, so that’s no good. Japanese preferred! If nobody comes up with anything I like, I’ll just use Batch which should at least fit.

Thanks :blush:

Hi @seanblue!

mmm that’s a hard one to translate, but I’d say 一回分 (portion for one time)?
Then 一回分の量 for “batch size” :thinking: