Night mode hell - help

I changed my wanikani to night mode or dark theme. How do I get back to regular pink and purple? I’m so thrown off I can’t tell when to use kumyomi or onyomi.

Click your icon in the upper right, click the gear icon on the right, click preferences, click interface on the left side, then choose light scheme from the drop down? Unless you are talking about a different night theme.



Isn’t night mode for the WK dashboard a user script? Have you looked on your TamperMonkey / script software dashboard to turn it off? Unless, like @Ladymerelan says, I’m thinking of a different dark mode than you are. ^^


Thank you for responding! I forgot I was using a third party app :slight_smile: I took time off from studying and was super disoriented

Thank you!! Your reply jostled a memory and I realized why I had a problem :partying_face:

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