Nexflix clone

Is there something netflix or a customized setup like netflix + the langauge extension to get vocab translation.

Netflix + Language Reactor

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I’m talking about something free.

uhhhh YouTube + Language Reactor.

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I’ve been using Language Reactor for a long time and I can confirm that it is indeed free :thinking: You can do Premium and get extra features though.


Personally Yomichan does all the premium features I can think of. No reason to buy that.


isn’t Yomichan only for text reading? I can see that his language reactor is pretty advanced.

Unfortunately piracy discussion isn’t allowed here :sweat:
Someone made a thread a while ago about a site they were using to study and it got removed bc it was technically pirating the shows
It’s probably bc WaniKani is an official product sold for money and if they’re seen as ‘approving’ ‘theft’ they might get into legal issues so its not worth the risk
On the upside, talking openly about pirate sites is usually how they’re found + taken down so keeping our lips sealed on such a big forum may be in our best interest for not losing what’s out there

What features you look for though?

‘Pro’ mode enables extra features:

  • Save words and phrases
  • Subtitles for Dubbed Movies (Netflix)
  • Machine translations (Netflix)
  • Support the developers

Basic Language Reactor already gives a popup dictionary with some customizability.

Or perhaps looking for some shows outside Netflix? Which one?

Subtitles are text no?

I thought you can only use this for 12 days oresomething.