New Radicalnames / learning function messed up WaniKani

I am at lesson 43 and I am supposed to have 3 new radicals to learn (pic 1)
But in reality I am given 21 new radicals (pic 2) in the lesson, even though I didn’t
turn on the new radical relearn function. I kept the new radicals unchecked as they were.

Why do you change everything? I am really annoyed.
A lifetime member.


Those radicals are new radicals. Those radicals in the tools’ section are just pre-existent radicals that were renamed. You can opt for the new names or not. You can even select the few that you wanna change to.

Again, those new radicals in your lessons’ batch are there as an indication for new content coming. As a lifetime member, that would benefit you, correct? :slight_smile:

What does “new content” mean? Soon more than 2027 kanji and 6303 vocabs? For now I am perfectly fine. I just want to get through the mandatory stuff. It’s hard enough.

I’m not saying it’s coming soon. No one knows. The WK doesn’t like to establish deadlines either (which I understand). But they did bait about it. I mean, it’s expected. WK is not a finished product, even with its quality.

The staff has been working for a long time on this update to make the site better… it was going to happen some time in your lifetime, we all hoped.

Also, the new radicals aren’t necessarily for new content… aren’t they just cases where WK either moved radicals from higher levels to lower levels (so you didn’t have a chance to do them yet), or they created a new radical in re-imagining the structure of a given set of kanji.

In any case, they are different from the “renamed” radicals you seem to be thinking of.

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it’s all messed up. Now HInder is not made from the Kanji Chapter but from the radical chapter…?
Now what happend to the reading I specifically learned for the Kanji Chapter? It’s part of the pronounciation of some vocab… the radical doesn’t feature readings…

looks like the kanji chapter disappeared…

What are you suggesting here. That it used to be composed of the kanji chapter? Kanji are always composed of radicals, never other kanji.

You mean this?

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