New to Wanikani, but not new to Japanese. N3 coming up soon. What should I do?




Probably not perfect, but I think you get the idea. :3

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Well, you put more effort into it than the typical “can I skip levels” thread.

If you went at the absolute fastest pace you could get to about level 11 or so, so you wouldn’t cover much of the N3 kanji.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I wasn’t sure if it was skipping levels or just moving through them quickly. This takes the same approach to RTK, which I am very fond of, but i dislike the no learning vocabulary part of it, so this is a very attractive alternative. However, I’m wary of spending my time on here if it will only take away from my ability to study for the N3. Bummed I found this place so late in my studies.

It’s totaly worth your time if you’re thinking about N2 next year. But if you’re prioirty is on N3 first, you’ll might be better with an anki deck for vocab or bunpro for grammar until then.

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I had a feeling that’s about what it would be like. I plan on taking the N2 next summer, N3 this December, so I guess I’ll keep this up then and do it in my spare time until I get caught up. Sucks I’ll have to pay for a month or two just to get to where I am currently.

Chances are you’ll learn some new words along the way, clarify some kanji writing/meaning or just refresh/solidify your knowledge. It won’t be a waste of time :wink:


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