New radicals on level 60?

Hey! Today I just opened Wanikani to do some reviews and suddenly I see 14 new lessons. I was kinda surprised, why, because I’ve already finished all of them.
Am I missing something or is there going to be a new level or something?
Thanks :blush:

There’s been a pretty extensive overhaul of WK content, which includes updates to radicals and mnemonics, first announced here. The release is being further discussed here.


Totally unrelated (I think) but I got a notification from you linking those topics…


I have no idea why. O.o


That is strange. Maybe because one of them is pinned? :thinking:


Thank you guys for the answer. Another 5 vocab words have been added to my lessons, so just as mentioned in the link you posted, they’re just updating/adding new content :laughing:

that’s what a work in progress site like this is I guess lol

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