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Wow! I didn’t know that! Handy little trick!!!

Does the level in the forums only update after I guru an item on that level?

The forum lags behind a few days behind the site. If you want to force the level to update, you can log out of the forum and log back in, otherwise it takes a while for it to synchronize.


30 days into the journey and a day away from hitting level 5. Trying to figure out if this is a good/bad pace. I use the app multiple times a day and much of the vocab and kanji are familiar to me but I can sometimes forget a reading I’m less familiar with or fat finger a reply or use a dreaded synonym that isn’t a WK approved answer.

Is this a good pace? I would like to learn as quickly as possible and don’t feel like I’m burning out, just want to keep going up.

What makes for a good pace depends on the learner. Getting to level 5 in a month is pretty normal. It is possible to go faster, but if you’re worried about burnout, there’s no need to go as quickly as possible.

Taking time to get used to unfamiliar readings is also normal. That’s what the SRS is for. If you keep reviewing something and it’s still not sticking, then it’s time to study that item more on your own and figure out why it’s not clicking in your head.

As for synonyms, if there’s an answer that’s correct, but the wanikani accepted answers are phrased differently, then you can add it as a User Synonym, and it’ll be accepted as a correct answer. Just make sure you’re understanding the meaning correctly before you add a synonym.


Hello. Very new user. I just completed Level 1 this morning and was greeted with about 49 new lessons, much more than I was given in a single batch in Level 1. I went ahead and went straight through them, but I wanted to ask if this will become the new normal. Thanks for your time!

Something like that, yeah. Essentially you’re being given the remaining vocabulary items from level one that you just guru’d the kanji for, plus the new radical items from level two that you just unlocked by levelling up.

You don’t need to do all the lessons in one sitting.

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Hi, working through level 1 and having some trouble remembering if a reading is きょ or きょう, じょ or じょう etc. English isn’t my first language so I don’t know if the English mnemonics make the pronunciation distinction or if it’s something I just need to learn through rote memorization. It’s kind of frustrating to remember kyo and jo from the mnemonics but failing because I did/didn’t add the う. At this point I’m semi confident I’ve memorized the distinction for level one kanji, I’m just wondering if people have some tips for making this go smoother in the future.

Well, each reading has a different keyword or character. So when something has a certain reading, you can come to expect that specific character to be in the mnemonic. If that’s not something you had noticed or tried to associate, then maybe give it a try before resorting to pure brute force.

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So for remembering the reading of 九 the English keyword is cucumber (and cookies for く). But does the pronunciation of “cu” in cucumber differentiate between きゅう and きゅ is what I’m asking. Because at the moment I don’t know and I feel like I have to, as you say, brute force it.

Well, I’m not aware of any kanji that has きゅ (with a short vowel, as opposed to きゅう) as a reading, so I guess… just completely forget about きゅ as a possibility? Maybe someone has an example, but it’s certainly not a major concern. For things like じょ and じょう, yes, those do have different keywords.

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Thanks, this clears things up for me :slight_smile:

Thanks :pray: That cleared this up for me​:slightly_smiling_face:

The “cu” in cucumber is quite long though. (It is for me - does it depend on accent?).

The sound mnemonics will never be perfect. They’re just meant to give you a clue. Kyu and kyuu sound different as kyuu has an extra mora — think of it as an extra “beat” before you drop the sound off.

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Hi There! I’m going deeper into the woods and number of known / learned kanjis and stuff is getting overwhelming :smiley: In the past I was able to digest lessons and move on, but now it’s getting more intense.

Yesterday I got ~60 new lessons waiting for me, and I tried to do them all in a row. Why? Because after I get there after doing all, I can have these neat put_your_mouse_over hints about all the stuff that I’ve learned previously. If I did that in chunks, I would see only the last learning session (ie. only 10 from these 60).

So… is there (and Im sure there is, just not sure where to search and how thats called) a simpler way to see all recently learned items? And the Level overview is not good enough, as I prefer much more the “last session summary” type. Is there a way of a displaying all the learned items ina chronological manner? I really like doing reviews with it (for myself - not these scheduled ny WK), but it always get lost after a new learning session is introduced.

I like to look at for that purpose; you can sort and show/hide the elements to your heart’s content and get nice mouse-over information as well.


thats good! I thought it gives only the % part. Never saw ther are other items in the tab. Great! Thank you! :slight_smile: :+1:

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Does anyone know why for level 1 and 2 the review time for the apprentice 1 to 2 is only 2 hours but thereafter it is 4 hours? I really liked the two hour review marker.

It’s basically to get you some reviews to do sooner. When you’re in the thick of things, you’ll have waves of reviews coming constantly, but when you’re just starting, there’s nothing to do but wait, so they shorten the wait time a bit.

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