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I know that on the forum, there are a lot of divided opinions on whether that “wait until level 10” advice is sound.

From my personal perspective:

Positives of waiting:

  • You get used to the WK system, and have time to figure out what might be a largely sustainable way of doing your reviews and lessons every day.
  • Less risk of getting carried away by that initial rush of excitement and burying yourself in umpteen different study methods, only to hit a wall when the work picks up and you reach things that are harder to master.

Negatives of waiting:

  • You delay the point where you can start using the language, which can be very demotivating. In my personal situation, it took quite some time to get to the point of using the language, which was very frustrating. Depending on speed, reaching level 10 can take relatively short, or a very long time. For those going slower, I see no need to wait.

I think the most important thing is to experiment, but to be flexible. Feeling overwhelmed? Getting too busy? Slow down on WK lessons (or on lessons for other SRS platforms), or (temporarily) drop some things from your study schedule. Best to slow down than to stop.

There is no one-size-fits-all study plan, so best is to search out your own way while remaining mindful of burn-out.

I am terrible at grammar. I found and find it very difficult to learn. That I had a grammar resource didn’t mean I had the resource that was right for me. If I hadn’t allowed myself to be intimidated by grammar, I would have started sifting through different resources sooner, and I would have found my way sooner.

In short: focussing on just WK for now is not a problem at all, in my opinion. I was one of those people that needed the time to get acquainted to kanji. And doing just WK made me develop a habit of studying every single day. If I had filled up my itinerary from the start, it would have been too hard for me to sustain in the long run. But once I was used to doing WK for about an hour a day every single day, it was easier to add extra things to that established routine without feeling overwhelmed.

This place is full of all kinds of great resources, so be sure to look and read around loads! A possible place to start could be:

Welcome again and best of luck!