New milestone in my WK trip - 1 FIRST BURNS!


I am so excited that I am almost dropping a little tear. I thought this moment would never arrive!
After 6 months, level 7… I got to burn my first items!!!
I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal…but it really is for me: 42 years-old working mom of two little kids, I never thought I could get so far with Japanese. Everything was against me: my age, my lack of time…
Thanks, Wanikani, to help me catch my dream: everyday a little piece of it comes true. And it feels sooo good!!







I will join you in 6 months, せんぱい!


Nice one! Well done @Maribeni1!


congrats :smiley: u’re doing awesome job :blush:


Good job, you! :purple_heart:


I’m a firm believer in “never being too old to learn”. Living, for me, is about constantly learning, and I know that when I’m your age I’ll be still probably learning Japanese xD Good work!


Or earlier!!! :wink:


Congrats! I’ll get there in ~1 month. Next goal: BURN THEM ALL.


There you go!!


I’m soon to be 40. So from my perspective you are 42 years young. Your age is not working against you. But as a working mother you got your hand full with other duties. This is a feat. I am cheering for you. You are justified in feeling proud of yourself. You are doing something great!


No, you go!!


Awww thanks for your sweet words. They are such an encouragement for me! :kissing_heart:

And you are soooo right!! From now on I’ll say I am 42 years young.


Congratulations, Marubeni! Well done! I’m 47, so from my perspective your are a young chick :blush:. Let’s keep studying, we’ll meet at level 60 one day​:cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:


Awesome @ulisan ! Level 20, right on !!
It’s great knowing that I am not alone! It’s heart-warming receiving all these encouragement comments from young and not so young people.
You guys are amazing.


I’ve just turned 35 this year, learning japanese is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but something that just wasn’t happening till I stumbled across WK.
What I like best are the little victories, like when I review a new item I’ve already forgotten, but have learned the kanji in a different context so can accurately guess the reading/meaning. Also, every time I level up, - I’m not too far behind and seeing you’ve burned your first item gives me hope for myself!

We’re never too old to learn!




ありがとうございました !


Ah, I’m in no rush. I’ll burn my first turtle on October 1st, and then celebrate with some Laphroaig Quarter Cask.