New kanjis added to wanikani


I opened an account years ago but I started using it only 2 months ago so I’m not experienced in wanikani updates and I would like to have your opinion.

Do you think we can expect JLPT N1 Kanji not implemented yet on wanikani to be implemented one day?
I know that the remaining ones are rarely used but still…
I have the feeling that recently Kanji and Kanji based vocabulary are not added anymore. Am I wrong?

No. I mean, maybe.

Hard to say, but the new focus is kana vocabulary so I wouldn’t expect more vocab or kanji. Many of the latest updates are enhancements to the app and fixes to English meanings of cards. So maintenance work.


I wouldn’t bet on it. There already are decks and study sets on Anki, Renshuu and a host of other sites though.



I don’t think that’s useful. They’re not all that common. Better to learn as you encounter things at that stage.

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I agree with @ekg that adding more kanji at this point may be of dubious utility given that it’ll almost all be low-frequency kanji and you’re probably better off learning those when you actually need them (I’m actually already starting to feel that way in the 30’s…), but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually did it for the sake of being able to advertise “100% Joyo coverage” or some such.

In a sense I respect that they haven’t done it, it shows that they probably realized that it was a bad idea even though it would be good marketing-wise.

Also I believe that there’s no official JLPT list anymore, so I wouldn’t give too much importance to whatever people call “JLPT N1 kanji”.

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Which is why a lot of users quit WK in their 40–50s and never finish to 60. We really don’t make the percentage that hangs on smaller.

In the end, SRS is a scaffolding for learning. I helps you process bigger amounts of information. But, in the end, You are the one memorizing stuff and so, there is little use to prolong one system before another.

Thank you for your answers!
I know that they are rare and very infrequently used but is there no chance that they come in the test?

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Maybe a few somewhere, but very possibly not at all – any list attributing N levels to a kanji is really only an estimate. Who knows, maybe instead you’ll see some that aren’t usually included on those lists.

Either way, if you are anywhere near ready to take the N1, you will have had to do so much more studying and reading outside of Wanikani that you’ll have to have figured out your own methods of learning new words and kanji independently, so there’s no realistic way for this to be a meaningful problem, in my opinion.


Also, reading comprehension, grammar, and general vocabulary matter much more in N1 than kanji knowledge, in my experience.


Actually I validated the N2 level one year and a half ago and I am using wanikani as a revision tool for N1.
That’s why I thought it might be interesting to have those Kanji as well as I appreciate wanikani’s interface.

But I understand your point of view and I’ll just add those rare Kanji on my Anki deck when I encounter them.


I see JLPT and non JLPT not being on WaniKani. I wish they would focus on that rather than adding kana only vocabulary.

You could on their content updates request for vocabulary and they’ll respond back saying they’ll add it to the list of consideration.