New free resource for speaking, listening and comphrension practice at all levels!

It’s new for me anyways. Speechling - Speak Languages Better

Speechling is a really cool (imo) non profit site that has a bunch of resources to learn japanese. It’s graded so you can choose your level and practice listening and comphrehending. But one of the best parts in my opinion is the speaking practice. There is a paid version but even on the free version of the site you can get feedback from a native speaker on your pronunciation! how cool is that! I will note the feedback isn’t super in depth and its a limited amount per month (unless you choose to pay, however I’ve been using the free version and really liking it so far) but the feedback has definitely helped me identify which sounds/words I need to work on. I just thought I’d share since it’s helped me so much. And since the free version is really accessible I thought a lot of folks might like to give it a try :slight_smile:

If anyone does check it out or has tried it in past I’d love to hear others experiences. Much love and remember to drink water.


I used Speechling before every speaking exam I had in Japanese class earlier this year, I definitely think it’s a great resource :slight_smile: I never used the paid version, just being able to record myself shadowing their conversations and self-correct was enough to get me perfect scores on my tests.


ahh im definitely glad to hear a positive review so i know im not just insane. Congrats on doing well in your exams!