Never thought i would ever reach Level 5

Hey guys,
i started my japanese learning back in 2012. It was an on and off relationship, i think i made it to wanikani level 2. Everything was so overwhelming. All this different readings and symbols, the vocab,… and that english is not my main language.

Now, ten years later i am back with learning japanese and i what can i say? It made CLICK.
At level 5 things are finally coming together for me. I can come up with 4 different readings of 生 from the top of my head and know the different usage. It all happens just natrual. I never ever thought this would be possible one day!

Why does it works for me all of the sudden?
I think doing reviews often is the key. Doing it once a day is not enough. You need to do it at least 2-3, or even 5 times a day.

If you struggle yourself, i promise if you keep at it everything will works out fine =) When i can do it you can do it too!
My next big goal is level 16. (Just because N5 and N4 is done and half of N3 i mean WOW)
This will take me at least half a year but when i reach it i open a bottle of champagne (or sake)


Glad to see you are back here learning with us.

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I share your learning time line (about the same start year too!)

And you make an excellent point, the days I practice 2-3 times, I notice my retention improves exponentially.

It’s definitely best to do reviews more than once a day. Reviews are meant to arrive at the right time for retention.

If you just learned a kanji and it pops up for first review 4 hours later but you don’t do it until 20 hours later, your progress will be more frustrating.

Not to mention, more reviewing means shorter review sessions. You’re less-likely to zone out, and it’s easier to learn in smaller batches.


Indeed, frequent testing is the key to memorization; and I am talking not only about reviewing. Flash cards or pocket books may benefit for testing multiple times per day as well.

At least hold your attention.

Only a few days after i hit level 5 i manged to cimb to level 6 yay
I am so proud of myself and i will go on with the learning, hopefully to get to lvl 8 this month and lvl 16 by end of the year!

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