Override & Stroke Order scripts

Hello, is anyone please able to recommend me x2 scripts that will work after the recent WK update?

I’d just like one that shows me the stroke order of the kanji, and another that will let me redo my answer if I get it a bit wrong.

I used to use WK Override and WK Stroke Order but they don’t seem to work anymore. Does anyone else have the same problem?


@rfindley said, that he’s working on getting double check up and running again. Until then there’s this workaround script: [Userscript]: Double-Check Workaround

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Ok, good to know! Ty for your reply!

Can someone give a brief comparison of the Override and Double-Check functions? I regularly used the Override function (alas…) but am not familiar with Double-Check. Thanks

Settings Dialog’s images are pretty explanatory (although it became more fine-tuned-able). Workaround has the same features.

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