Need help with transition to tobira

I guess my dependence on wanikani is too high :sweat_smile:I’m gonna have to start actually paying attention to vocab in books and stuff


Ah, I see. That’s really interesting! I hope your time there was pleasant. :slight_smile: (Of course, no obligation to have enjoyed it, because everyone experiences a country differently – I had things I didn’t like back home – but I hope so nonetheless!)

Back on topic though, I think it’ll help if you find things you enjoy when you’re trying to learn vocabulary. That way, you’ll pay more attention and be more motivated to find out what’s going on. I did it with anime, but I think there are people who enjoy dramas, or who watch Japanese YouTubers. There are quite a lot of options. Also, if you find reading the news interesting (just an idea – I know I wasn’t interested in reading the news at all when I was 14), there are plenty of apps out there that import news articles and allow you to see quick definitions of words and phrases by tapping on them. Those can be good practice too. My current favourite is the Todai Reader ( I don’t use it a lot, but I quite enjoy it when I do.

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yea singapore was great, i was very happy back there as opposed to right now xD. but yea i’m reading manga and watching anime constantly so learning vocab isn’t too difficult as i am enjoying the stuff i’m doing anyway

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