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Sorry for a dumb newbie question, but I don’t know how to word the search:

I can see that I have 2 radicals and 11 kanji that are still at the apprentice level, but some of them are not from the level that I’m on. Is there a page that tells me what those radicals and kanji are so I can study them more?

You can get more details on your stats at

The items page would probably have the info you are looking for. You have to input your API token, which can be found in your account pages.


I second using wkstats, it has what you’re looking for with nice filters.

On the WaniKani site itself, the lattice pages can give this kind of simple overview.
While they’re not accessible using the menus anymore, you can still consult them:


Oh! Great answers. Thank you!
I wish I could say both were the solution.

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