My Wanikani journey of 353 days, or what not to do

You see all the hoops you have to go through in order to do that? I wish it was just built into the website. It is also a pain when I use several different devices and PC’s to study on.

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Mhh, it’s not that hard tbh. It’s basically just install tampermonkey and install the script. Takes about a minute. As long as you’re studying on a pc it’s really not a problem.

I do understand what you mean though. Imo Tofugu is slacking on WaniKani features in general.

Most of the time I am studying on my cell phone or a tablet. I would be interested is the browser stats for the users that access the website. I can’t imagine most users are using a PC.

If you don’t want to install anything (neither did I), you can just use Bish Bash Once, a customized version I made of the Bish Bash Bosh script that another forum user here created.

Well this is it. My subscription has finally expired. To be honest, I’m almost glad that I don’t have to spend so much time every day on Wanikani any more.

It’s crazy that even a month after hitting level 60, my reviews were still taking me an hour and twelve minutes a day on average, every day. A month after hitting level 60, my Apprentice count is still at 137. In fact, my Apprentice count has only dipped below 100 at all twice since April, back when I was still in the low levels. It’s really funny because a lot of people advocate keeping your Apprentice count below 100, but mine was never not above 100!

In case anyone was curious, here are my final accuracy stats. I’m amazed that I did a total of almost 107k reviews during my time here. That’s over 280 reviews per day on average, across more than a year.

Overall: 95.5% (4052/4243)
Apprentice 1: 98.0% (484/494)
Apprentice 2: 99.8% (486/487)
Apprentice 3: 99.4% (516/519)
Apprentice 4: 99.6% (561/563)
Guru 1: 94.8% (578/610)
Guru 2: 92.2% (571/619)
Master: 91.2% (505/554)
Enlightened: 88.4% (351/397)

Overall: 91.2% (17239/18905)
Apprentice 1: 95.1% (2093/2201)
Apprentice 2: 98.5% (2125/2158)
Apprentice 3: 97.4% (2458/2523)
Apprentice 4: 96.5% (2811/2913)
Guru 1: 90.4% (2806/3104)
Guru 2: 83.9% (2453/2923)
Master: 83.2% (1738/2089)
Enlightened: 76.0% (755/994)

Overall: 80.1% (67069/83767)
Apprentice 1: 77.8% (7394/9506)
Apprentice 2: 89.8% (8392/9346)
Apprentice 3: 86.5% (12250/14159)
Apprentice 4: 85.6% (12928/15108)
Guru 1: 74.7% (10892/14574)
Guru 2: 73.3% (8174/11145)
Master: 72.3% (5118/7080)
Enlightened: 67.4% (1921/2849)

Overall accuracy: 82.645% (88360/106915)

Anyway, so long and thanks for all the kanjis. I hope this post proves useful to future Japanese learners and Wanikani users.


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