My (slow) journey towards kanji

So, because I’m somehow not going anywhere because I’m lazy and unable to hold myself accountable, I decided to post here my Japanese learning journey (mostly kanji tbh). I’ll try to regularly post screenshots of my lessons and reviews, because that’s what I struggle with the most, actually doing them (I haven’t done anything in a couple of months I think…).
I’ll also talk about other stuff as well though, such as for example the fact that I’m reading Demon Slayer in Japanese now, and it’s going wayyyy better than I thought it would!

So, for my first screenshot, this is how it is on 18/07/2021 (and I already did some reviews and lessons just now…):

Hopefully this will help hold me somewhat accountable for my progress!


Good luck to you! Whatever it takes to motivate and move yourself forward!

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Great way to get back into the routine. If I were you, I wouldn’t do any lessons, only reviews, until they get to a more manageable number. Good luck!!


The hard part is making it a routine, once it is, it’ll go on autopilot. Not doing them would be way more painful than the conveniency to skip. You’ll be fine, just make sure to incorporate it into your life somehow, when you do X do Y. Like when you wake up, do your routine, then incorporate WK into it, then another time in the evening somehow. Just thinking that you every day will find the motivation to doing it will most likely fail. Good luck.

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Thank you!! I’ll try not to lose motivation this time, or at least to stick to a routine even if I lose it…

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I only had like 3 lessons to do so I wanted to get them out of the way, but yeah, I won’t do any more until I’ve reduced my reviews by a lot. And thanks!!

Thank you! I will try to find how to incorporate it in a good way into my routine, and hopefully it won’t get completely messed up like some months ago…

Well, here’s a small update after a month!

I managed to reduce my review pile a bit more, so I’m happy! I also finally get more than 50% correct, so it’s good to see that things are getting into my brain again^^

I also managed to finish the first Demon Slayer book! I’m happy lol.


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