A few basic questions

(TLDR: I’m new here, about to buy the year subscription, have a couple simple questions that have probably been asked a billion times)

Hi! I’m pretty sure y’all can see, but I’m new around here. I’ve recently gotten very interested in all things Japanese, and after mindlessly learning Spanish for a couple years, got bored and wanted to learn a language that I was actually interested in. I started off with Duolingo but very quickly realized it was not the best option :grin: After that I quickly found the Tofugu guide and read a lot and blah blah blah here I am now. My small high school has been very supportive and even bought me Genki! Anyways, I’m just about to buy the year subscription, and I have a couple questions (kinda just seeing how other people go about stuff)

  1. How often do you do your reviews?
    Every time you get one, a couple chunks a day, or all at once at some point? For the first couple weeks I did it basically right when I got the review but now I do it more like one chunk when I wake up, another at like 3pm, and one last one around like 9-10pm.

  2. How often do you get a problem wrong due to typos? :joy:
    I feel like I do it way too much because I’m terrible at typing and I never pay enough attention to what I typed before I submit.

Okay I’m done I’m sorry for my rant :grin: Have a nice day!


Some people do them as soon as they are available, others do their reviews a few times a day. Personally I prefer to do them just once a day.

All the time. There is, however, a script to undo such mistakes


I suggest doing your reviews based on your life, not the other way around. Consistency is key. I’m trying to get through as fast as possible b/c reasons, but it gets messy. It’s best to maintain a consistent pace and never miss a day. Unless you put it in Vacation Mode to spend three weeks reading Japanese books.

Typos in the English words are wonderfully flexible, but in Japanese they are never accepted. I make a ton. So scripts like Doublecheck are really necessary to make Wanikani usable. I set up a new web browser (Brave, based on Chrome’s browser engine) just for Wanikani for Tampermonkey and my scripts. (I also use Katakana Madness and Pitch Info to add put WK in line with other language-learning resources, and Reorder Ultimate 2, though that one’s less important if you’re not trying to go fast).

Good luck!


im basically at home the entire day so i just do my reviews whenever they come up. I’ll do a set of 5 lessons after my reviews unless i did badly on them, which adds up to about 20-25 lessons a day. I like having lots of reviews. I’m glad they’re increasing! But if you don’t have time, just squeeze in couple reviews when you’re free. Like during lunch or toliet breaks or on your bus ride home.

Having the double check script “undo” is a life saver. I also type in my answers super fast, which will result in typos. It also let’s me trial and error before peeking at the answers because sometimes I just forget atm lol. If I get the question wrong once, I’ll look at wk’s mnemonics. If I get it wrong twice, I’ll make up my own. And after that it usually sticks.

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Hey welcome!

It really depends on your life and how much time you have to spend.
Consistency is key here though because for the SRS to work properly, you need to do your reviews at least every day.

Right now I do a big review session in the morning, then 20 lessons.
Another medium review if I have time in the middle of the day
Then always one before bed

In this way, I will see the things I learned in the morning later that day. This is just like your schedule that you have been following - I think it’s a good plan

The big thing is if you start to get overwhelmed with too many reviews, just slow down on the lessons until you catch up. Keep consistent and you will retain a lot of information

Like others said, get that undo script it’s a lifesaver. Try not to abuse it if you actually got something wrong, because then the SRS can’t do it’s job.

Little side tip if you are doing Genki: Do not skip the audio! Listening is the most underrated skill by far. Try to listen to the audio clips as much as you can until you can understand everything at natural speed. This will help every area of your studies

Other than that, best of luck on your journey!

I would recommend going for the monthly option instead until christmas, since at the end of the year around christmas the lifetime sale gets $100 off so you can see how you last until then. Of course you can go yearly if you think you’re committed and then get that prorated for lifetime later on when the sale happens.

As for your questions, they are answered in the beginner’s guide which I strongly recommend My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 ) - #2 by jprspereira


I do reviews whenever I see I have some. I use a third party app (Flaming Durtles), and my thumb automatically clicks it open pretty much every time I’m on my phone. But sometimes I also don’t do them the bigger part of the day. Very rarely I go to sleep at night with reviews pending. Disclaimer: I actually reset, so I pretty much know most of this already, so I can go through reviews and lessons quickly. Most of my mistakes nowadays are typos, since I haven’t enabled undo in the app. I do use Double Check on my laptop.

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