My journey of 2315 days (dedicated to all slow-goers out there)

I’m definitely on pace for something similar.

Started in July 2016, did first 3 chapters. Bought the lifetime sub that December, started over.
Got to level 17 and then quit until January 1, 2018.
Reset my account to level 1, got up to level 30 and then stopped until January 1, 2019.
Reset my account to level 10, currently on level 24.
My goal right now is to get to level 40 before the end of the year. In 2020 I’ll probably reset my account to level 15 or level 20 and try to get to 50.
At this rate I won’t get to level 60 until the end of 2021.

Congrats @snorenose! That’s pretty darn close. I remember reading a while back that you’d been chipping away and were almost there (level 54, ). Glad to see you were able to make it.


七転び八起き :slight_smile:


Thanks for finding!!


I’m late at this point, but congrats!

I have my own story I was considering posting but it probably works better as a shorter reply here. Especially since I’m on mobile and wkstats doesn’t want to accept my api key.

I started wanikani in 2012 or 2013 during college, as I was taking some Japanese courses. Unchecked depression and bipolarity meant my progress waxed and waned. Eventually it stopped completely and I wallowed for a long while.

After 2 years of doing fuck-all and another 2 years getting my act together, I restarted WK. Things were going well, and getting past my previous highest level felt amazing. Then I again slowed to a crawl and felt unmotivated.

It’s been tough, but I am determined to not lose my progress again. For the past couple months I hadn’t touched lessons. They felt like a wall. I just checked in a couple times a week to pare down my review numbers and work on some leeches. Then, yesterday, I finally bit a chunk out of my 100+ lessons and it felt great. All of the kanji reviews made a majority of these vocab lessons easy.

I’m so happy to finally dive back in. I’m really proud of myself for not fully disengaging again. Sometimes it feels silly to feel good about my relatively low WK level, but as this thread is a testament to, progress is progress and we should celebrate it.

I know that WK will only get harder, but I believe the most difficult barriers to tackle are the ones we place on ourselves. If we can break through those then progress will come with time.

Congrats again, and best of luck and dedication to all still on the journey.


@jprsjsalkfdlasjd solved @jprspereira’s problem and created My Journey of ∞ Days


Where do you get these stats reports from…:o

Have you tried

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Nice… Never knew about this… Tried it jus now. (:smile:

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Now you are lvl 21, I am also so proud of you ! No matter how many times you take for those levels, you have only 14 and you will be able to do better than million of other people just watching arround and want to progress with no effort. Continue like that, if you take few years to get the cake is not a problem, you will get it ! If your mother paid for this subscription, that mean she is proud of you too and want you to success, it’s not a question of time :slight_smile: ! Good job, and continue like that !


Thank you for posting! I am totally daunted by the people that manage WK in the minimum time (ie 60 levels in a year) and often feel disheartened by the fact that in I take so long doing my levels (level 9 is a shocker for me as I’m 38 days in and only have the radicals under my belt!) so am very appreciative to know there are other tortoises out there! Some days I feel like giving up but this gives me hope!! :slight_smile:


I’ve reset multiple times, but I first started in 2017 (reset to level 1 in 2018, then reset to level 10 in 2019) so I’m definitely over the 1000 day mark at this point.

Wow, congratulations! Not just to finishing, to everything else you’ve done as well. :smile:

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Welcome to the WaniKani Co-meow-kitty! We hope you stay!

I definitely started slowing down after level 30. The reviews definitely fatigue you and with vacations I had to slow down.

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Thanks too! Have seen the stats, just didn’t know where to source from. Thanks again!

Very cool, the journey must’ve been unreal! You’re an inspiration to all!

Such a great result, thanks for sharing. Shows if you keep sticking at it, you’ll make it. @quadban, you’ve given me the courage to try again (and buy a lifetime membership too!).

@Clambordan, your timing is similar to mine. Joined July 2012, did some lessons, but let it go. I remember joining after being in Japan years before, wanting to continue study and committing to learning Japanese. It didn’t happen. Getting married, family, moving, jobs - life - for all of us, it’s something that gets in the way that challenges our goals.

The community certainly has grown and reading these threads are inspiring. I’ve reset, just did my first lessons and waiting for reviews. Know now it’s ok to progress slow, stop, or fast - I’ll keep on moving. One day I’ll be 60 too.

But hey, better to keep trying…


Me too, and I started WK as a non-beginner! Maybe for the first 10 levels, but as the burns come in and more and more new kanji readings, to keep that pace must be impossible unless you have unlimited free time or you’re a student or better still, an ALT. Oh all the hours I wasted as an ALT with zero workload! I digress

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I know this is a little old of a thread, but it’s so inspiring! I’m disheartened as hell when I feel like I’m making good progress and my levels are all twice the duration of the ‘typical’ poster.

I feel like I’m going to burn out when I am doing more than 10, maybe 15 lessons a day (with the occasional skipped day), and proof that slow-and-steady worked for you is awesome.