My Japanese in Tokyo help with translating

Hey so I took on a challenge of doing a food tour in Tokyos tsukiji market only using Japanese. I’ve been learning the language for now 4 years. I made this video and translated it myself but there were some parts that were difficult I think :sweat_smile:. Also I don’t know if my Japanese actually came off as fluent. Was wondering what you guys think, and where maybe you think it sounds off. Arigato :pray:


I’ve watched five or six minutes so far - you were doing better than I would have - Japanese people can pretty much understand me when I speak, but I have a tendency to speak in short phrases rather than trying to make full sentences, and I don’t always exercise a lot of the grammatical forms that I (should) know.

The text overlays on top of the video remind me somewhat of Japanese TV shows (but your titling is subdued compared to many of those shows :sunglasses:).

It was interesting to see the new Tsukiji market area - I had been to the original market and was unhappy to hear that they closed it down, as it felt ‘genuine’, whereas what I have read about the new market sounded like it was much too sanitized for tourists.

Folded egg on a stick? Thanks, but no thanks… :cowboy_hat_face:


Hmm, watched 7 minutes.
(For the first few comments)

Video is fun, your Japanese is pretty basic but serviceable so far, and you can hear the classic American accent.

All the sorry and ごめんなさい sound a bit forced. :sweat_smile:

He’s doing pretty well, but he is speaking in short phrases, even if they add up to full sentences in the end. :thinking:

@Belthazar もんじゃやき alert

What I did expect from the title, was that you were gonna be doing everything, buying the things, talking to the people at the stalls, but so far it’s been her twice. :eyes:

Haha, so far it was good, but 多分 色々な国 ダメ けど… :disguised_face:

Oh, you confused me with the subs there.

She says, 食べれる? 日本人はクルエルでしょう? 悪いよ、なんで…

Cruel, not 食える (which would be くえる).

Oof, you speaking in Japanese and the girl hitting you with the “I’m sorry.”

I was a bit surprised by the 店内, it’s the kind of thing I wouldn’t remember/think about while talking. :sweat:

I certainly wouldn’t say it comes off as fluent, but you said what you wanted to say, and got what you wanted to get. So you get full points in communication. :tada:

What I realized is that you omit certain words, so you end up saying the important parts of the sentence without the grammar sometimes.

Great job, though. :+1:


I think what I find most surprising about this video is that the yen exchange rate has fallen to the point where 3000 yen is only $20 USD. Though considering the JPY and AUD are almost at parity, I probably shouldn’t have been surprised. Or, re-surprised.



A bit of a tangent here but I think there are some regulations around filming people in public in Japan. In the few videos I’ve watched, people in the street had their faces blurred if I remember well.

I might be completely wrong though.

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very cool!


i was crying

taste like ningen…

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