My first Enlightened and a stupid question!

I’m very excited to get my first Enlightened! It’s a radical, but I’m excited. My stupid question is, can I click somewhere and see exactly which one it is?


As far as I know, nope, not really, unless you use a userscript. Also, if you have multiple items at once that you are going to review, you can’t tell which one you’ll enlighten first, since the ordering of the reviews is random.

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Under “items—->Wanikani” you can see an overview of all learned and unlearned items, and they are color coded by review stage. Blue items are Enlightened.

Clicking on an item will open up the corresponding info page on Wanikani.


Thanks very much and I’m now using


A wonderful application/site for a WK user. Great way to highlight and pick up on items you are struggling with as well.

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Argh, how could I forget about that? :melting_face: I’m definitely not worthy of the crabigator…

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