My 10 Year lv60 Journey and Reflections

Don’t look at where you want to be, just focus on the next step, however small that may be. Achieve that small goal, and achieve the next. If you do that, one day you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come!


I’m right there with you. Joined in 2017 headed to 60 by 2024, so I’m right there with you in length.

Definitely agree, all study is good study, 60 and remembering nothing is not the goal.

(I reset a lot.)

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Really liked this post! I love when there are posts like these, they really show the true meaning and strength of perseverance when it comes to learning a language. I think it’s one thing to read posts where someone speedran WaniKani or got to N1 in a year from zero, those are fun to read too. But to me, these sort of posts show what it means to really want something to be apart of your life. Sometimes things ebb and flow, life gets in the way, but you never gave up. It could have been so easy in the middle of those 10 years to simply quit and never look back. No more struggle or stress. But you didn’t and now you’re prepping for your N2? That’s awesome.

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Thanks for explaining / confirming that for me. This is the first time I’m participating in this type of ‘posting’ or whatever this is called. Can you tell me where to find information on how to use or understand what is happening in these posts? I reread the guidelines and scanned the FAQs to no avail. For example:

Akasheilia: I knew you were responding to me because I saw my icon and your quote of what I wrote.

reahz: I assume reahz was responding to me because there is reply arrow pointed to my icon and the response fits in with what I posted.

amagi: On the other hand does not have either of the above indicators. But again, the reply fits in with what I posted, so I assume the response is referring to my latest post.

kevinkastro: Also does not have the above indicators. His reply confuses me somewhat because his reply really fits in with what he originally posted versus my reply to his post. If someone else had posted this exact same reply, I would be wondering if the post was referring to Kevin’s original post or my reply to it. But if Kevin is indeed referring to my reply to his post, then I feel like he is giving my reply too much credit because it pales in comparison to his original post! Hence I don’t understand how these replies work, i.e., who the reply is referring to. Is there somewhere that will explain how to understand how these postings and replies work?

Lastly, is it expected or at least is it good etiquette to reply to EVERY response to my posts / replies? I mean what happens if there are 50 or 100+ replies??? Obviously if I want to expand on a reply I will do so. If I find the reply really touching, I will reply. But what if I have nothing to add or I simply appreciated the kind gesture of support which could apply to most replies. Is it is expected for me to at least say “Thank you for your response.”?

If you choose to answer this, then ‘Thank you for your response!’ Otherwise, this reply will self destruct within five minutes of you reading it!

Sure I can try to explain.

You are on a website that has the “forum” format.

On this forum, different “threads” are posted, with each their own topics.

The person who created the thread gets a notification and maybe an email that there is a reply.

Other persons who wrote a message in that thread (the message is called a “post”) get notified if there is a direct answer to them or if they are “quoted”.

In that way, there can be several discussions ongoing in the same thread.

Those are the basics, there are more functionalities like tagging people with @ in front of their name, hi @DuoLingo. Probably the best way to get a grasp of all that is to explore and test things out :slight_smile: . Hope that helps!


Thank you for taking the time to post this. Your journey was so interesting.

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Thank you for your explanation! I googled ‘internet forum’ and got a much better idea of what’s going on :slight_smile: . I reread the posts and realize that I goofed things up, e.g., reahz is the original post that I really liked (I stated the Kevin was the original poster).

But I still need to learn who is being referred to in these posts, because I still don’t know if Kevin is referring to me or to reahz. Similarly HellerBriz just added a post and by what was written, I’m assuming the post is meant for reahz which now makes me thing that so is Kevin.

Oh well, I’ll get it some day…


The light has entered the mind!

If a post has a reply arrow pointing to an individual, then that post is meant for that individual. If there is no reply arrow, then that post is meant for the original poster! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You got it :smiley: I clicked on the heart on your posts, it’s a “like”; you might get a notification for that too :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your help!!!

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Update: I took the JLPT N2 and failed by just a few points! I’ll get it next time.