Kanji Feedback

I only just started, but when learning Kanji feedback it shows the onyomi reading. The examples section should have just onyomi readings right? Having a mix of both kunyomi and onyomi is confusing in my opinion.

Later levels will have both on and kun (and sometimes multiple of both) readings, and many vocab terms will teach you the kun/on readings when learning the vocab (as they’re hardly used outside of that term).

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I don’t think so. It’s important to learn all (common) readings of a kanji anyway.
I think those examples are mostly to see how the kanji is used “in real life” to help remember its meaning. In that sense, the reading itself doesn’t matter.

If you use the wrong reading during review (for a kanji) the input box will just shake and tell you which reading (kun or on) it is looking for.

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I see, good to know. I definitely had a hard time with my kun/om readings so I guess it bothered me more then necessary. I’m looking to potentially take the JLPT3 this winter so i’m spending the next week or so really figuring out what resources I want to us to practice. When you say later levels, do you have an idea of when?

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