Motivation Post - Get me down from 2000 reviews

Just posting to motivate myself a bit!
I find that everytime school gets intense, my WaniKani goes out of the window. That trend in addition to an extra tough term has led to an unfortunate backlog of…2000 reviews…やばい

Hopefully I can get through this without burning out all over again. Well done me for buying a Lifetime from the start; I must have forseen my issues with self-discipline.


Well, you’re certainly not alone!

Are the reviews piling up due to lack of motivation though or due to lack of time?
I just came back from a hiatus myself due to the workload for my master’s degree being way more than I had anticipated.

I’m now taking weekly Japanese classes at a night school, which I realized is helping me a lot in keeping up. Although the lessons are pretty light, they force me to keep Japanese studies in the back of my mind. I find this to be a much better “anchor” for motivation than intending to regularly consume untranslated anime/manga/etc. since those are pastimes that I will simply drop once my daily life gets too busy with other things.

With that said though: I live for those 1000+ review sessions. That’s when I put on my “go time” music, roll up my sleeves and chip away. It’s quite rewarding to see how much I actually remember even after a longer break.


If you’ve gotten to level 47 you’re self discipline can’t be all that bad. You can do it!


100% agree - even though period of time plays a role. But all with all, Level 47 is a massive achievement.

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I had a big back log a couple of months ago. Not as big as yours but it was almost 800. I was isolating due to covid and was able to get it done in about 2 days of 8-10 hours of each. It was Hard! But I am back on track now.

A trick I found when k was being inundated was to turn vacation mode on after doing each session of reviews until I had caught up. I know this isn’t how you’re supposed to do it but it made it much easier for me to catch back up !

Nail a piece of paper on your wall next to your computer (or wherever you normally do your reviews).

Write “2000 - 14 March” in crayon at the top.

[You obviously know this, but the lesson button doesn’t exist for the next few weeks.]

Every 100 review reduction in the count at the start of a new day gets a reward of your choosing (unhealthy snack, beverage, binge-watch, whatever). Write down the new count and date every time there’s at least a 100 review reduction.


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I really like this idea, thank you!

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Yeah I have to say it is somehow a good feeling when you remember more than you would anticipate.
I also agree that I really find it hard to fit in native content around my schedule; that’s why immersion is just not an approach for me.
I try to take weekly lessons on italki, and that definitely gives me better structure.

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I’d also highly recommend installing the ultimate timeline script and configuring it to show you your upcoming reviews by SRS level for the next 120 days. Like this:

This will tell you how many reviews you can expect each day, and at least give you a heads up if you have any particularly “heavy” days coming up (and show if you’re making progress toward whittling down the backlog).