Most recent Japanese word you've learned?


相応しい (ふさわしい) appropriate, suitable, fitting.


You shouldn’t feel bad about it. I haven’t come across the word yet myself in context, though it could be I just need to read more. I see people use とく more commonly to mean “especially.”


Are these all from a single story line? If so, the ending gets pretty crazy :grin:


Didn’t come across till recently…very useful when referring to someone who thinks too highly of themselves.


職種しょくしゅ - type of occupation; occupational category
必然 ひつぜん - inevitable; necessary; certain; sure; inevitability; necessity
日報 にっぽう - daily report
出迎でむか え - meeting; reception
出迎 でむか える - to meet; to greet
激情げきじょう - violent emotion; passion; fury
たか ぶる - to be highly strung; to get excited; to get worked up; to be proud; to be haughty; to be pompous
けわ しい - precipitous; rugged; inaccessible; impregnable; steep; grim; severe; stern
険阻 けんそ - precipice; steep (e.g. mountain pass)
困惑こんわく - bewilderment; perplexity; embarrassment; discomfiture; bafflement


永遠 eternity


月明かり(つきあかり)- moonlight

I learned it from the song “Ghost Town Polaroids” by For Tracy Hyde


顔(かお)now I know what the the Japanese skin care brand Kao means! I am so happy now !


刺繍 (ししゅう) - embroidery.
Don’t know though, if I will ever use it again.


More of an expression but,

ここだけのはなし – “between you and me[…]” / “don’t tell anyone else about this[…]”


Been listening to East of Timeline a lot recently. Some words that I’m picking up because they repeat in it a lot.

威光 - power, influence, authority
遠く- far away, distant
近く- near
忘れらる - to be forgotten, to slip into obscurity
気付く- to notice, to recognize, to become aware


時差ぼけ (じさぼけ) - jet lag

WK teaches 時差 (time difference) and ぼけ (as 呆け). So jet lag is basically a time difference idiot? :thinking: :eyes:


ボケる can be used if you’re spacing out, right? It’s could be based on that.


I’ve been into Monster Hunter lately, so I got some new words…
装備 - そうび - Equipment (relates to Hunter gear and all, in this context)
討伐 - とうばつ - Subjugation, here is used to designate hunting of monsters.
狩る -かる to hunt animals, naturally!


埋葬 – burial


The most recent word I learned or spelled out and recognized is 「バス」for “bus” in My Neighbor Totoro last night. It was on the bus itself and on the bus stop sign. I was so happy I could spell it and it made sense to me! I also was wondering what about “bus” could have Katakana and not Hiragana or even a Kanji for it. Still learning by observing when they use each and what is foreign and not.


There are some things that have both a commonly used katakana loanword, and a relatively obscure kanji version. The “Japanese” word for bus is 乗合自動車. Literally “ride together automobile”.

A computer is typically コンピュータ or パソコン, but the word 電子計算機 (electronic calculation machine) exists as well.

I’ve never seen either in real life though.


Hmmmm. I guess that makes sense! I know on Tofugu when explaining Katakana uses, the last one was just preference. I could see that being a preference


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