Most recent Japanese word you've learned?


専門家 (せんもんか) - A Specialist or Expert


Not a word exactly, but I’ve just learned that 8888 (the number 8) is used as an Internet slang for applause (パチパチパチ)


屁(おなら)- fart
チュパチュパ(する)- suckling, sucking, licking

Thank you Japanese kindergarteners.


Today I learned how to be lazy in Japanese:

後回し (あとまわし) - putting off, postponing
後回しにする - to postpone, to leave something for later.


I just ran into this one in the wild for the first time yesterday in manga! The word that went with it 戦闘(せんとう)“battle/combat” is solidifying itself in passive vocab and trying to make its way into active.


That’s quite a nice one. I’m going to combine your most recently learned with mine:

To create:

I’ll use this when I sign up for Japanese language forums. I’m sure I’ll make lots of friends! :ok_hand:


手話, which was kind of “oh, I should have guessed that” when I looked it up.


金玉 - testicles

While watching One Piece today (Skypiea arc), Luffy had this giant gold ball stuck through his arm and he referred to it as ‘kintama’ and a girl responded, “eew, Luffy don’t call it that!” XD


ちんぷんかんぷん - basically the equivalent of the English expression “It’s all Greek to me.”



  1. having deep knowledge of; being an expert in; being well versed in
  2. a boy’s first ejaculation

Only intended to find the first one, but now I’m quite sure I’ll remember both


That’s funny, for me it was the opposite. :thinking:


What… have… you… been… reading… :eyes:


most recent word i learned was 変態. true story. not at all related to what’s going on here.
i knew it before of course but not the kanji ^^


Can’t you guess? :smirk:
Anyway, to stay on topic, from the same read : 思春期 shishunki, meaning “puberty”.
There’s “spring” in it, that’s pretty poetic. In my native language as well, the “spring of one’s life” usually refers to adolescence.


I really need to get back into the habit of posting new words. Here’s some to start:
承諾書しょうだくしょ - letter of acceptance; letter of consent, written release (to publish something)
書式しょしき - prescribed form (of writing); format
へりくだ る - to deprecate oneself and praise the listener; to abase oneself
強化きょうか - strengthening; intensifying; reinforcement; enhancement; solidification
体罰 たいばつ - corporal punishment
すたすた - (walk) briskly; at a brisk pace; quickly
自然保護 しぜんほご - nature conservation
絶滅危惧種 ぜつめつきぐしゅ - endangered species
くぎ - nail (i.e. small metal spike)
釘付 くぎづ け - nailing on; nailing down; nailing shut; being glued (to); being unable to take one’s eyes (from); being stationary; being rooted to the spot; halting; freezing (Idiomatic expression); (price) pegging


Since it’s been a while since I last posted anything:
衣手 (ころもで) - sleeve
袖の露 (そでのつゆ) - tears falling onto a sleeve
多情多根 (たじょうたこん) - live wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve
四象 (ししょう) - the four phenomena (waxing yin, waxing yang, waning yin, waning yang)
陰陽五行 (いんようごぎょ) - two forces(yin, tang), five elements(water, wood, fire, earth, metal)
無極 (むきょく) - limitless
阿吽 (あうん) - Om
彼岸 (ひがん) - nirvana
此岸 (しがん) - this world
悟る (さとる) - to perceive, to sense, to discern, to understand, to comprehend, to realize, to attain enlightenment
五感 (ごかん) - the five senses
無常 (むじょう) - impermanence
無邪気 (むじゃき) - innocent
米連邦議会 (べいれんぽうぎかい) - US Congress
地裁 (ちさい) - district court
最高裁 (さいこうさい) - Supreme Court
舐め回す (なめまわす) - to lick all over, to run one’s tongue over
半陰陽 (はんいんよう) - hermaphrodite, intersexual, androgynous, bisexual
識 (しき) - consciousness
色 (しき) - form (rupa)


So is Chupa Chups from Japan?

Oh, Spanish actually.


Not the most recent, but 剃刀(かみそり)
I alternate between being amused and being angry that it is written that way


自撮じどり – selfie!


取り分け(とりわけ) - especially

Something about it seems like a word that I should’ve known by now (been studying for over a decade), and yet I came across it for the first time during my current level in Wanikani D: