Most Incorrectly Answered Kanji/Vocabulary

光栄 - こうえい - honor
栄光 - えいこう - glory​

just kiddin’, I have no idea! :smile_cat:

Something, might? be gleaned from taking a look at the Most Incorrectly Answered Kanji/Vocabulary - #4 by ekg thread?

Which makes me think there will not be much “accumulated” data really. As the WK-team has a habit of making updates weekly for things being suggested, and improvements they’ve been working on for long-term keep-up for the site. But there are items being block listed every week for example, so yeah, that changes the statistics you can gain long-term of which items are failed and why! (before or after weekly changes). :eyes:

You’d have to post the questions directly to the Tofugu team likely and if they have some other means of measuring impact of their changes on the site.