Hardest / Most Missed Vocab, Kanji, Level

Does anyone from WK or any third party companion sites have aggregate data about which vocab or Kanji have the lowest correct percentages, or which Levels have the lowest success rate? Just curious because I think it would be very interesting data


I was wondering about that as wet! Would be a nice indicator of where the mnemonics could do with some improvements, I guess…


I’d love to see this. I’m sure Wanikani keeps track of the rate of mistakes internally. They should make data analytic blog posts like okcupid does. Would be really insightful.


Bless this site, but they’ve surely had this data since the beginning, and even at my level I’ve spotted some horrendous mnemonics. The cynic in me thinks that they’d rather lightly maintain what they already have ($$$) and focus resources on future ventures.


I host the same cynic :joy_cat:

I happen to be a software developer as well, and looking at the site from that angle is just… :cry:

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There are weekly update threads every Friday, where staff post what mnemonics they’ve tweaked/synonyms they’ve added. They also have longer term projects going on every so often (they’ve added hugely to the shake feature in recent months, for example).

They seem pretty open to feedback, if you have any mnemonics or anything you’d like them to change :slightly_smiling_face:

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