Most accurate Kanji for 'Cultivation'

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Can peeps here give me a hand in selecting the most accurate kanji vocab that represents the word ‘cultivation’ in the context closest to the following definitions:

  • to develop or improve by education or training; train; refine:
  • to promote the growth or development of (an art, science, etc.); foster.

I feel like there’s a couple of kanji that might be too specific to science bacteria and farming.
These two seem to stand out:

When talking about cultivation as it relates to talent, skill, or education, I often see 養成.

The dictionary offers these examples


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Ahh yes. It seems to be educational focused that one. Searching the individual kanji vocab in Google Images is always a dandy trick to get an idea.
I guess I’m leaning more towards the cultivation of growth, inner personal growth to be exact, but cultivating plant life would essentially be the same thing.

I’d probably use 磨く or 修める. 培 kanji feels like it usually has more to do with plants and the like.

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Don’t forget about 涵養(かんよう):wink:

I actually don’t mind the reference to plants since there’s an easy relation to growth within nature.

Thanks, everyone, I think I’m going with 栽培.

I’m not sure if I just missed it… but what’s the context you’re using it in? I thought you were just asking for clarification on meanings or examples, but it seems like you want to use it somehow? That would have been important to know for recommending a word.

It’s not for a tattoo, is it?

That reminded of a story when I was in a public swimming pool (pre-pandemic days) and saw an old lady with 牛 tatoo after I just learned the “cow” here at WK. It took me some courage but I asked her what was the meaning of her tatoo: " It’s my Chinese zodiac sign, the Ox." she said.

That is actually the Chinese character for ox, probably should of done more research into it though lmao

It might very well be! :smiley:
I’m not looking at slapping bare kanji on me, its to accompany visuals.

If it IS the Chinese character for the ox, which is what she was after, then its correct? I don’t see any problem in that context.

牛 is the kanji for a bovidae animal (cow, ox, bull,…) 丑 is the zodiacal sign.
Both have a kunyomi of うし.

In China they use 牛 for the zodiac sign though, don’t they. So without any context, you can’t say that 牛 is the “wrong” character for the zodiac.

If she said it was the “Japanese symbol” or something, that might be different.

Has anybody submitted 教養きょうよう
I saw this a lot being used in university pamphlets around entrance exams time.
I think it matches what you’re talking about.

Yes, the “common animal” sign can be used (and in this specific case 牛 looks better than 丑 also). I just wanted to say that that there is also a more specific sign for the zodiac sign.