More radicals

I would conjecture that the lion’s share of those who quit are gone well before level 30, though. Which would mean they are lacking enough where that wouldn’t necessarily be the case. Although that may be true for those who quit after reaching level 30 or higher.

Oh absolutely.

I think the Gods of WK have said before that the vast majority of users that sign up don’t get very far at all.

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Yeah, I’m only at level 2, but this was an issue for me also. You basically just have to wait until you’ve done enough reviews, then it’ll let you move on. And remember, the more correct your reviews are, the faster you will get to move on.

I’ve been here for 3 years and 2 months with 1/6 of the content still in front of me (and then I have to burn all of it). I’ll probably be here for another year or two.

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