More engaging/interactive ways to learn grammar/sentence structure?

Hi all. I recently reached level 5 on WK and decided to start learning grammar. I’ve been using Tae Kim’s grammar guide paired with Genki 1. I’m reading slowly, because the content is dense (especially in Tae Kim) but a lot of it just isn’t sticking or, at worse, I’m failing to comprehend it. Reading examples of sentences over and over again (or trying to do the exercises in Genki with no partner or teacher) is a bit dry and it just isn’t clicking for me. Are there any really great (preferably interactive) resources to learning grammar and sentence structure? I feel like I’m drowning in the lessons at the moment. I’ve read a lot but I feel like I’m no closer to being able to join in “write a sentence of Japanese a day” threads, which I feel would really help start cement my WK learning.

What I would love is a service like WaniKani for grammar. For instance with particles - I feel these lessons would stick more if I was shown examples and an explanation of said particle, then helped build sentences with that particle, and then be asked to build sentences with that particle with no help in order to progress. Some sort of SRS version of it where I’m constantly asked to prove I know how to use の or は, etc.


Maybe this is what you are looking for:


you can use bunpro

it is a SRS but for grammar, it helped me a lot from n5 to n3, you can give it a try.


Note: These aren’t services but methods for addressing common grammar resources’ dryness.

If you don’t mind using manga as a vehicle for learning grammar, I like to recommend Japanese the Manga Way for this purpose:

Another route (which has less direction and requires a bit of perseverance) is to start reading native material and look up what you don’t know as you go. This is easier if you join the Absolute Beginner Book Club, as you can ask questions and get answers targeted at the material being read.


[quote=“joeoconnell, post:1, topic:60635, full:true”] I’ve read a lot but I feel like I’m no closer to being able to join in “write a sentence of Japanese a day” threads, which I feel would really help start cement my WK learning.


You’d be surprised at how well you can construct sentences. The trick, for me, was just swallowing my pride and realising I couldn’t express myself as fully as I can in English. But it will come with time! Half the battle is trying to work out what sentences you can make with the vocab and grammar you currently know. Luckily for me, I like puzzles, so I actually like this bit but I can appreciate how others may find it frustrating.

Someone else has already mentioned the Seth Clydesdale stuff which I can’t recommend enough, but it’s really worth pairing it with (if you haven’t already discovered) Tokini Andy:

He goes through all the Genki lessons. Teaches you nuances and practical applications, along with example conversations that are probably more contrived than the textbook ones, but really emphasise the grammar points.

I’ve been subscribed to the website, by the way, and I dunno, I didn’t put a lot of time into it, so I didn’t get much out.

However, I don’t want to sound condescending, so that’s why I started with the uplifting stuff. Maybe today isn’t the day to start worrying about output? I started WK pretty late, I was already well into Genki 2 before I started so I had a lot of grammar and vocab already learned, but didn’t really know kanji.

Learning a language is frustrating, I don’t think because of the inherent difficulty, but the fact you can currently express yourself freely in your native tongue(s), however that really isn’t possible when you learn a new language. Just stick with it, keep up the hard work with WK and Genki and I reckon you’ll feel a lot more confident in a week or two!

I was just doing genki/anki decks/WK for like 15 months before I started doing any meaningful output (and that’s just the Japanese sentence a day thing currently) but in the month or so I’ve been doing it. My confidence has grown exponentially and I’m really starting to enjoy the fruits of my labour :slight_smile:


Yo, this is great.
I use the Genki book at school. I can use this site to practise chapters at home.
Thank you.


I can vouch for this resource/website

I had Genki 1 for a while without doing much with it

Then I stumbled upon this website and it complements really well with Genki.

lel I even bought Genki 2 just to make sure I can make the most out of this website


I had the same problem until I started reading/deciphering manga, then grammar explanations began making sense to me (well, I attempted to translate よつばと!? and several nice people here at the forums helped me with corrections/explanations, which I guess counts as a “really great and interactive” resource for learning grammar and sentence structure😁).

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Lots of lessons all levels on youtube. Maybe you can find a channel with a teacher you like. Really though you just have to practice what you learn. Over and over. After you write/say/hear 「これはぺんです」enough times that it’s second nature and you don’t even have to think about this grammar at all, then you will have room in the brain box for a new one. Rinse and repeat! Keep collecting. Good luck!

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Hey there. I think I’m on the same page as you. I’m still trying to find ways to learn grammar, and what works best for me (right now) is bunpro and reading manga.

Bunpro is good, but I still find it a bit difficult because my brain just can’t comprehend “grammar points” seperately. Since I’ve started reading manga (you can join the book clubs here!), I’m finding it much easier to work with bunpro as well.

Good luck, I hope you find something that suits your needs! :sparkles:


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