Learning grammar (halp!)

Hello my freinds, i have a simple question:

Do you have any good advice to learning japanese grammar?

I’ve been on this platform for a while, and know alot of different words, verbs etc. but i don’t know 100% how to make a sentence out of it

Step 1.) Get textbook.
Step 2.) Proceed through textbook.


A lot of people like Genki volume I as an introductory course (designed for classroom use, but you can get a lot out of it with self-study).

Genki volume II is good and frequently recommended, too, but other options, like Tae Kim’s Guide exist and may (or may not) be accessible at that point, depending on how much you feel you can retain without exercises. Genki has lots of practice exercises after its lessons; Tae Kim’s Guide has example sentences.

You could also start with Tae Kim, but it’s content to drop you into a concept and assume you’re ready to keep up.

Of course, there are many, many textbooks; these are just two of the most popular. Textfugu, by the creators of WaniKani, is a decent starting point, too, as is Human Japanese.

You may also want to search the forms for something called Bunpro. It links to external resources, but uses an SRS model to teach in lieu of exercises.

Thanks alot i really appreciate the help

Thank you kind sir :slight_smile:

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as necessary.
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There’s a Tofugu article on the idea of interleaving that’s worth checking out (I’ll drop the link below), which I think is especially powerful for grammar learning. Reason being, nobody uses grammar in isolation; often you’ll have multiple grammar points in use for a single sentence. Using SRS (文プロ is definitely worth checking out, as other people have mentioned already), exercises found in textbooks, and adding your own cards to an ever-growing Anki deck are all tools you can use to cycle through learning methods to expand both your vocabulary and understanding of how grammar points work together. Bottom line, don’t hesitate to experiment. In my experience, I’ve found that making mistakes and figuring out why something’s not right has been instrumental in my understanding of the language. Granted I’ve still got a LONG ways to go, but I’ve learned a lot by incorporating all kinds of learning methods into my studies. Good luck!


It’s still a work in progress, but you can try using this:


Advice on learning Japanese grammar is far from a “simple question”.

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