Mokuro: Read Japanese manga with selectable text inside a browser

Ok, suspicion confirmed! Maybe when I get some time I’ll mess around with a fork of the mokuro codebase and see if I can throw something together. It’ll give me an opportunity to experiment with some more frontend work.

It looks like development has slowed on the project, though? I see in the mokuro-0.2.0 branch where they are moving to some sort of .mokuro file but I’m not finding much information about the format.

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Simple? Nope.

The main issue that comes up is that there’s no way to get the changes from a web page file back to the file system (without having a server backend and implementing something for that).

If I were going to implement something like this, it’d be along these lines:

  1. Create the Javascript/CSS necessary to modify the text boxes.

  2. Store these changes in the browser’s local storage, so closing the page doesn’t lose changes.

    • Optionally, implement Javascript to takes the local storage and applies it back to the textboxes when the document is opened.
  3. Add a button that when clicked goes through the changes and creates/downloads new JSON files and a new HTML file.

  4. Manually move the files downloaded from the button click to the manga and OCR folders.

An alternate implementation would be just the first 2.5 steps, and trust that you don’t lose your browser’s local storage.


The project likely reached the developer’s desired feature set (which I’d say his very first release probably had for the most part.)

Don’t forget to check out the forks, especially any older forks with activity in the past six months.


Oh I see, I had assumed that at the very least the text edits were being saved but I just checked and that’s not the case. I suppose that makes sense in hindsight, I’m just editing the version of the HTML file that’s loaded into the browsers memory. As you can guess, frontend work is not my day job.

OK, then maybe I’ll only work on this if I’m really bored, haha.