Mnemonics for jukugo words whose kanji have multiple readings?

Can we please get some mnemonics for these? It’s really hard to remember when to use which reading, for instance for words with the ubiquitous 大.

I found this post here and they sum it up really nicely.

The note we get about it ‘being a jukugo word so we should already know the reading’ is thoroughly unhelpful in these cases.


I have been making up my own variant mnemonics for each reading of a kanji and incorporating them into the existing mnemonics. It has been working so far for me. It would be nice if WK provided some guidance on this, sure, but on the other hand I’ve been finding it fun to make up my own as I go as then they’re personal and stick a bit better. TBH, I find a lot of the WK mnemonics don’t stick with me. Often I think “Why did they come up with that? The obvious thing to use is XXXX”. So I just use the ones I create most of the time anyway.

It’s good to know I’m not the only one who gets constantly mixed up with these! I do the same and make up my own mnemonics trying to couple the same readings together.

Posting my support for this idea. I think the thing that bugs me the most is the unhelpful text that if I know the readings I can read the word…

I agree that making mnemonics for these is a nice solution but I’d like wanikani to maybe suggest that we do that or tell us to watch out for the multiple readings like it does for rendaku.

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