Mnemonic images

So… Just curious if there’s any way to add images to lessons.

I’m thinking: Someone draws an image depicting a kanji’s mnemonic, and posts it in the forum (maybe here). Then someone’s super-helpful third-party app inserts that image (optionally!) into the relevant Lesson on WK.
It would definitely help to memorise them easier.

And the images could also go in the description section of the radical/kanji/vocab, for easy lookup, etc.

There’s this script, which adds the drawings done by the OP in that thread to the items’ pages. Perhaps it could be adapted.


It would be really nice if at least all kanjis had some kinda funny picture… I think it would help fixating some of the bizarre radical combinations :rofl:


I would love if it there was a script so we could attach our own images, like with Memrise. I scribble my own drawings sometimes, and they’d probably only make sense to me.

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