Meanings/readings not loading on incorrect answers first time

When doing reviews I find that when I get an answer wrong the meaning or reading doesn’t load a significant amount of the time. This usually happens only the first time. I then have to get the answer wrong AGAIN before I’m able to see what the correct answer is. It’s incredibly annoying.

Without telling what Browser(+Version +plugins) and which OS you are using no one can help you with this problem.

Windows 7
Google ChromeVersion 59.0.3071.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Wanikani: I Don’t Know button
Wakikani Override
Wanikani Mistake Delay
Wanikani Review Order
Exit Block Blocker

I’ve had this problem throughout the time I’ve used WK. Seems to get better and worse over time. There was at least one other thread about it recently and I’ve also definitely been noticing it happening more than usual recently.

I find the fastest way to deal with it - since you already have override - is just move on and when it comes up again, hit something random to get it wrong again so you can check the info then override your answer.

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Tentatively saying turning off Exit Block Blocker seems to eliminate the problem (for me). Need more time to confirm.

Been talking about it here.

Annoying Website Issue

Just wanted to point out… Some of the info already exists on the page, but it’s just not displayed. So, Ethan wrote a script to display that info immediately while the backend is trying to load the rest. Here’s the link to the script thread:

[Script] Quick Info

Thank you. I’ve installed that and will try it out.

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