Meaning of ガバガバ

What does カバガバ mean in this phrase? 「ガバガバな日本語。」


I don’t know—but I’m just gonna guess!
Maybe it means “garbled japanese”? As in, not enunciating the words very well, so it’s hard to understand?

I’ll ask my teacher and post what they say here later, if someone who knows better doesn’t share with us first :durtle_noice:

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It seems to mean loose/ill-fitting for clothes. According to this it may mean sloppy/ careless when referring to language?
which is funny, because given it’s also onomatopoeia for running water, I thought it might mean fluent. Oh well


Why didn’t I think of that?!
See, this is why I love language. That makes perfect sense too. For fluent I usually hear ペラペラ … but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others!


Because it seems to be wrong? :wink:


I got an answer back! It’s…. :drum: :drum: :drum:

To be completely mistaken. Not just pronunciation, but the words and grammar are completely wrong.


Thank you so much for the answers! It helps a lot. :blush:

really great resource got from someone in the book clubs for onomatopoeia

Search @ The JADED Network

let’s you search for the various items (and often has screen shots from manga and what not)…very helpful site! Don’t remember who in the bookclubs to thank but…enjoy!!!

–may not help in this specific case but it is a helpful resource for onomatopoeia

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No one? Really?

(Probably not, but it was the first thing that came to my mind. :grin: )


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