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Hi Team!

Could I get some help as to what the Meanining Explaination in the below means? Is it saying that に is Big? I know that 大 is big but it seems to be saying that にis big also?

I may be getting the wrong end of the stick - if it doesn’t mean big what is it referring to?



I think the (に) is meant to refer to the before (“do something with”?) rather than the after in this sentence. I agree it’s very confusingly put, though! There’s some grammar being swept under the rug here (大い is a na-adjective meaning a great deal/very much; putting a に after a na-adj turns it into an adverb), so I think they’re meaning to gesture in that direction.

EDIT: Little addition: 大いに is a common word where 大い is not (at least according to, so don’t worry about nailing this all down right now!

2nd EDIT: I forgot to actually address the “big” part! You’ll find that the words highlighted in pink in these explanations will refer to the meaning (or meanings) of the kanji used in the vocab word, so you can always assume that’s what those are. (In this case, big is the meaning of 大)


That makes sense!

Thanks for your help


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