Explanation of 大いに

This is my first post, so hi! I hope i’m asking this in the right place.

The meaning explanation in wanikani for 大いに is:
When you do something with (に) big, you do it very, or with a lot of something.

Does に actually mean big? I can’t find that definition in jisho for に.


No, they’re saying に kind of means “with” there. It’s not that important.


the meaning actually becomes more clear if you encounter the same usage for に, it has many usages but this particular one means something like “in a … way”, for your example it means “in a big way” or in another word “very”
another example is 急に, 急 alone means sudden but with に it becomes “in a sudden way” or in another word “suddenly”

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i just noticed you reached level 60, I’ll miss those people who always comments about you explaining things even though you’re “not in a high enough level” or something


Oooh, thanks, that makes more sense. I must be tired and associated the に with the wrong word haha.


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