Master List of Book Clubs

I see no reason why you couldn’t add that kind of thing. Most people are happy to see discussion on things they liked. I know that even though the first volume of Takagi-san was two years ago now, I’m happy whenever I see activity there, same as I’m happy if I see activity on the most recent volumes.


thank you!! it’s very exciting to see many interesting books in the club list, but some were so structured in their schedules two-or-so years ago that it almost feels like i’d be breaking the rules to add my thoughts all this time later :sweat_smile: I’m glad to hear that activity can still be welcomed after so much time


Nope, it’s no problem at all! In fact, many of the people who read these books are still around and would be happy to hear your thoughts or even help if you have questions. :slight_smile:


I just edited the main post and added the Natively links and levels for each book of the main book clubs.
If available, I chose the series instead of the single book, I think it gives a nice overview when choosing something to read, to know how many books there are in the series.
I hope it’s okay that I took that initiative, I think it’s such a big help to have the Natively ratings, while still learning Japanese.
Also, I know that the Natively levels can change, so there might be innacurate levels in the list (and maybe I straight up made mistakes), but as it’s a wiki, I think that the pros outweights the cons, and mistakes can be corrected when they are found :slight_smile:


I do think for larger formatting and content changes like this it’s better to seek consensus before making the change, but I doubt you’ll see any disagreement on this, so no worries. Thanks for taking the time to add all of this.

I did add a note to the OP suggesting people seek consensus for formatting changes going forward.

And speaking of formatting changes, what does everyone think of switching to a table format? A big problem I have with the current bullet point approach is that the offshoot clubs get moved to the top and then it’s impossible to see in what order the books were read just from viewing this topic. I think something like this would be nice:

Book Start Date Status Natively
よつばと! (Yotsubato!) 2017-09-30 Offshoot ongoing L18
魔女の宅急便 (Kiki’s Delivery Service)
2017-12-10 Completed L26
Aria 完全版 (Aria the Masterpiece) 2018-06-23 Offshoot completed L22

The only thing is I’m not sure where to place the rereads. Maybe just underneath using a <br/> tag so it’s in the same table row but the next line. Or maybe just in the order of start date even though the reread isn’t technically part of the official club.

Any thoughts on this proposal?


I’m a fan of tables and considered proposing that change myself at one point, so I’m definitely on board for that. It just looks cleaner, especially now that we have a pretty large amount of books.

I like the idea of the tag for the rereads, as well, but no strong opinion on that vs by start date.


Another option I thought of for that is including it in the Status column underneath the main status, like “reread completed”, but I’m not sure that’s better.


What about making it “Original Start Date” and then Status can include the rerun like “Completed / Rerun” with a link to the rerun there?

I really like the proposal of using tables


Noted :slight_smile:
Definitely agree too for the table, I also thought that’s how it would look better but didn’t dare change it more than what I did.
It also opens for the possibility of more columns, the date is nice, maybe also the type? Manga / Light Novel / Novel / etc
And if we are being very optimistic, maybe one day it will be possible to have sort buttons on the headers of the tables, so users can decide to sort by date or title or level :smile:


We need to be conscious of the table getting squished on mobile. It might be fine with one more column for the type, but any more than that might not work well.


Would it fit a little better if “Start Date” became “Began” and then just the year was listed? Or just the year and month?


It’s less text, so the answer is yes, but I’m not sure it would save enough space to be worth it.


Is the exact date really even necessary though? I think using some abbreviations where possible could help too.

on - ongoing
com - complete
off- offshoot
re - rerun
m - manga
n - novel
ln - light novel
nf - nonfiction

Book Begun Status Type Natively
よつばと! (Yotsubato!) 2017.09 off on m L18
魔女の宅急便 (Kiki’s Delivery Service) 2017.12 com n L26
Aria 完全版 (Aria the Masterpiece) 2018.06 off com m L22

I think non-standard abbreviations are confusing and hard to remember. Personally, I’d rather the text wrap more than use abbreviations.

Regarding the start dates, they aren’t strictly necessary, but I think it’s particularly nice for upcoming books by giving their start date and would generally be helpful.


The only one I could see as confusing is off. They wouldn’t have to memorized if the key is at the top either.

How about adding it in the book section then?
Just as pure example

Book Status Type Natively
[Rerun starting 2023.06.20!] よつばと! (Yotsubato!) re m L18

Status still has the current status and then only future dates are tracked and once a club is changed to ongoing, then that start date would be deleted.

I agree with seanblue, I find all of the abbreviations confusing :sweat_smile:
(and admittedly part of my day job is to teach people to not use abbreviations because they often lead to misunderstandings, so there’s that :sweat_smile:).

For the start date, month and year alone would work for me. We could keep the full date for upcoming book clubs as they are listed separately anyways, I guess?


In the ABBC home thread, they are already using a table, I like the format.

In the BBC home thread, they are using symbols:

So maybe we can look at each home thread and take the best from each world?

If we’re going for keeping it simple, I would be fine without the date, I don’t think I would use it for knowing which book to pick to read.


I found the symbols of BBC super confusing when I was looking at that list a few months ago. I ended up checking the key every time. They are basically similar to the abbreviations suggested above but even more obtuse.

Abbreviations for type might work. LN for light novel is used a lot. NF for non fiction is quite common. The problem is with N for novel and M for manga, since neither of those are actually used widely. Also mixing NF for non fiction with N for novel is very confusing since NF usually goes with F. So just N could be more confusing because of that.

So probably not as workable as I initially thought.

Another option might be to not have a separate heading for off shoots and just note it at the end of the line. I did this for BU$TAFELLOWS in the VN club tab because it was literally continuing the same story in the same game, and not starting a new game or even like a book 2 in a series kinda way. You can see I did follow the current format with 9-nine- though because that game was actually released in parts.

And even if the home thread was different for the off shoot it is easy enough to link that in the additional note at the end too.

Actually on that note, if we keep the current version(-ish) I would suggest moving the current book (and probably upcoming) to above finished (and offshoot) because it would be nice if the currently being read book by the club was the first thing one saw and the upcoming right after so those looking for a new read can easier see what is going on right now.


Just wanted to chime in that I like the table idea and applaud anyone willing to take the time to make it!

For me as well, the abbreviations were confusing. Perhaps they are totally unneeded, since if you look at the original list, there isn’t that much information to begin with. Scope creep alert! :slight_smile: The current list only has title, level, and status (either finished, offshoot, or current pick). I’m not sure I’d see a reason to port in all of the information (date started, type of work, etc). If someone is interested at that level of detail, they could click on the book club’s home page or even the work itself.

In that case, @seanblue 's original idea would be pretty snappy to put the current information into a table, making something that also wouldn’t be a burden to keep updated over time.

Edit: regarding where to put the reread, I’d put that in status, as it’s a bit like having a completed offshoot club .A completed reread.


One benefit of using the full date is that upcoming book clubs would no longer need to be listed separately. But perhaps as @mitrac said we should start simple and add more later if there’s a strong desire to have more information. (And we can probably still show the upcoming book’s date in the status column if we want.)