Master List of Book Clubs

Honestly, this should negate any negative emotions you have about your memory and stuff. Going from zero to reading a manga in 2 and a half months is not something people normally do.

Imo, you’d be better off making your own thread and asking questions there. It would tell everyone who’s interested how hard it is, plus just make it easier to manage.

Nominations are a maybe in the future type of thing.


Yet, the only Japanese answer I could give to this is いえいえ :rofl:

Seriously I believe that the only reason why I made it in a relatively short amount of time is because I used a good method and had the right people helping me, while putting on it a lot of time and effort… for the rest I’m totally average on everything and below the average on some things, sometimes I think that for my effort, I should obtain a bit more results

Just a reminder: URLs in the OP should be in the form, not Note the x that should be included. When the x is missing sometimes it acts weird and in the past it has completely broken, so it’s safer to include it. I’m mentioning again because I noticed some URLs in the OP were missing the x.


What is the WK minimum level for Absolute Beginner?


WK level: 0

Grammar: good to know the basics and be ready to learn a lot along the way

Vocabulary: you’ll never know enough, so be ready to look up words (and/or utilize the book club vocabulary lists)


Hi everyone, is anyone thinking of starting a Bleach reading group? Also, I really wonder in which level (beginner, advanced?) it would fall. Would be nice if someone could give me their estimation.

I’d peg it as… beginner? It’s aimed at school-age boys, after all. It’s got full furigana, though some of the comedic scenes can get quite wordy. Think some of the shinigami speak in some fairly archaic styles, though since only Rukia shows up for the first few volumes, that’s less of an issue until you really start to get into it.

If you want to have a look for yourself, the first chapter is available for free on the Shonen Jump website here:

But oof, that early art style…


Hey, it has character. :eyes:


I just realized the VN (visual novel) club have completely forgot to add itself to the master list. I know we’re not reading a book or even manga, but otherwise it is being run like a book club, in fact like one of the main book clubs. (We vote for a VN to read together after nominations and then read that pick together and then vote on the next one. We just happened to have a tie with the second pick, so we’re reading two in parallel.)

I’m thinking all of our VN reads probably fall under intermediate because it would be a lot of work for a beginner to keep up with the reading speed.

So I was just thinking of adding them to misc book clubs (scheduled), what do you guys think? Or should a VN dropdown be made (as a club, we’re only up to 3 read together, so it would be a bit sparse yet, but might be necessary later if the club keeps going)? I know another VN has a thread although I think that one was read non-scheduled. (I can’t remember which one it was, and I didn’t see it when glancing through the list in the OP so that one might not be included right now either.)


Yes, absolutely! I think it’s reading practice just like all the other resources, so they should be in here as well. Thanks for thinking of this!

I think that’s even better than just chucking them into misc, as there clearly is a „coordination thread“ and the boundaries between them and the other entries here are very clear. It also generates more visibility for the club which is a good thing as well. :+1:


Could it be Doki Doki Literature Club? It’s in the misc scheduled section, classified as intermediate ^^


If no one disagrees in the next couple of days, then I will add the VN club under its own detail tag. :slight_smile:

Yes, thank you! I didn’t realize it was scheduled. ^^


Since it seems like VN clubs will be more than just a one-off and it obviously involves a lot of reading I think having its own section makes sense.


Added it to the OP, hopefully that was an okay placement for it. But feel free to move it, if you guys think it fits better at the bottom or wherever.

Establishing a new coordination thread/club (as @NicoleIsEnough called it) is a lot of work. :joy: But thankfully we have some dedicated VN readers doing it all together. :slight_smile:


I think it looks beautiful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sorry for that :sweat_smile: I’m still struggling to find a good wording that allows to distinguish book clubs and book clubs :grin:

Open to other suggestions!


Nah, I liked it. I don’t know if it is the one but it does fit at least if you already know how the threads works. Not sure if someone who doesn’t would understand it. :woman_shrugging:


Mini book clubs are called Buddy Reads in some online reading communities I’m in :grin:

Buddy reads?


Oh my bad, I meant 君 Reads :wink:

(君 translated as “buddy” has always looked weird to me though haha)


hey, all ( ´ ▿ ` ) i was wondering if there is a general etiquette for posting in a book club discussion long after its schedule has ended? for example, is it generally appropriate to still add my thoughts to a book club thread that ended its active reading schedule two whole years ago, or should i maybe avoid doing that :man_bowing: