Manga for learning purposes

What is a good Manga series to read for building vocabulary?
So far, I have been reading よつばと! because there is a minimal amount of Kanji, and I genuinely like the stories and characters.


What kind of stuff do you like, you’ll learn a lot more if you read stuff your interested in?

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Personally, I think anything that is set in a school setting usually has a lot of pretty useful grammar.
But honestly, just as DelBaset said, read what you’re interested in. You’ll get a lot more out of something you like.

Can second what the others said. Just so you have recommendations: Barakamon, Bakuman
Both are slice of life, so pretty usefull vocabulary (probably). And especially Barakamon also has a Kid a little similar to yotsuba :smiley:. Bakuman is about writing Manga.

Try looking them up and see if one fits you.

I like よつばと! cuz it’s cute and I kinda relate to the title character (a weird 5 year old girl). I like a lot of tongue-in-cheek kinda stuff. But I feel like that would be pretty difficult to access for someone at a level somewhere between JLPT n5 and JLPT n4.

I hope you’re a 48 year-old, bearded man. Only because this would be hilarious.


You know they are … :wink:

I’m working through Dragonball chapter by chapter mostly having to look everything up. Then making study material out of what I learning and rereading it. Probably not the easiest (Goku has a weird dialect), but it’s one of my main goals to read it, so I’m currently trucking with that plan.

May I suggest this series of articles here


のんのんびより is similar to よつばと!.

I like Detective Conan. It’s (more or less) real-world setting so I’m guessing the vocab will be (mostly) helpful? Also you don’t have to read the volumes in order, which is handy if you’re picking stuff up second-hand.

Would NOT recommend the Cardcaptor Sakura manga, by the way. Kero’s Osaka accent is really hard to understand in text. (Imagine ya gotta look up dict’nary werds but tha dood talks lak dis? Right?)

Non Non Byori the anime is really cute. I enjoyed it a lot. Relaxing slice of life.

I’m going through Yotsuba vol. 1 myself.

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