Manga / Book Recommendations for Level 30


I recently just started my university classes again which means my whole studying routine has been revamped and recharged.

I’m hoping that in the next month and a half that I will be able to reach level 30. Unfortunately, I haven’t been reading as much as I should have up until this point, so I plan on starting. I haven’t read much manga before besides Berserk. I really enjoy the adult themes.

That being said, are there any recommendations people have for a level 30? Grammar shouldn’t be an issue.

Some of the Mangas I’m interested in right now are:
• Inuyasha
• Demon Slayer
• Maid Sama
• Saiki K

Are those suitable for a level 30? Does anyone have any other recommendations? (Aside from manga works too)

Also, where to even buy Japanese Manga. I’ve looked at Amazon for Inuyasha or Saiki but the cost is outstanding.

Thanks in advanced


For level 30+ I don’t think there is really any recommended material anymore, you just pick up what interest you. That said I would chose a manga with furigana. At level 30 you will still have to do a lot of kanji lookup so having furigana help a lot.


You can find a wealth of information in this thread:

Also, there is a ton of book clubs around here:

Even if you prefer reading alone, they might serve as recommendations for you. Also, you can still read the discussion threads of past book clubs where lots of grammar questions etc. have been answered.


I buy Japanese manga and light novels on Bookwalker (jp version). But that’s all digital editions. One volume costs around 500 JPY but that depends on the series.

I also buy books from The books are relatively cheap there but shipping is costly.


I don’t really have any specific series to recommend, but I can speak to where to get manga. If you’re in Japan (which according to your profile you are - Hokkaido buddies!), you can always try ordering from BookOff’s online site. The prices are the same as if you were to visit a physical store and shipping is negligible, sometimes even free if you order enough. I’ve done that several times, as the nearest BookOff is very far away from me. If all else fails, is a wonderful resource, and the cost of Prime here is ¥500 a month which honestly pays for itself if you use it as often as I do.


I buy physical manga from Kinokuniya, and digital manga from Bookwalker.

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