Make the words "meaning" and "reading" more distinguishable

Especially on mobile, one of my biggest time-wasters is typing the reading for a word into the answer box only to find I was meant to put the meaning. When I’m going fast the words “meaning” and “reading” blend together. Perhaps a color, or some other marker like an emoji (:uk: vs. :jp:) or kanji (意 vs. 読) would work?


To be fair, there is a color difference. And of course, there’s the language of the typed response.

image image


I’ve actually never noticed that. Thanks! I’m going to try to train myself to associate light grey with meaning and black with pronunciation. I use Flick to input Japanese (too annoyed by accidentally typing e.g. こにゃ instead of こんや when using QWERTY) so I just need to develop the association of “black = Flick”.

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I used to really struggle with it too, but when I noticed the colour difference for myself, I started to subconsciously take note of it without having to look after a while, and I almost always type the right one now. I think you’ll get better at it. :slight_smile:


You don’t need to use a Japanese IME for WaniKani btw, the site has it built in (in case you didn’t know). It must be tiring to keep switching your input method for meaning and reading, isn’t it?

Flick is keyboard that uses kana instead of romaji, that’s probably what he doesnt like about the QWERTY input. I do agree that switching must be tedious though :stuck_out_tongue:

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