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like it was very hard to understand how to start the lessons and i ended up looking for videos on how to use this website, its a really good website, it really is, but it was juts confusing to even start.

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In what way is it hard? I read the FAQ and the guide for newcomers, just like it said and I haven’t had any trouble. Personally I find the website very intuitive…


I didn’t read the guide or the FAQ, and I didn’t have any trouble. The site really is quite intuitive. The only thing that confused me for a few minutes was the first time a review asked me for a reading. I kept trying to type in the meaning, and got confused and frustrated when it typed in hiragana. I figured it out fairly quickly though.


I actually think it is very user friendly, I didn’t have any issues with understanding how to use it.

I thought it was pretty straight-forward.

Is there something specific we can help you with now? A lot of people here are going to say it’s straightforward, and I agree. There are some things that could be improved IMO, but the main functionalities of the site are clear I’d say. If there’s not something specific you’re looking for, I doubt you’ll get much love from people who paid for and enjoy using this site.

It’s easy tho…

Sign up,
Do lessons by reading through the mnemonics and other info,
Try to remember mnemonic to help remember the meaning and reading,
Wait for reviews,
See if you remember, if not read through it again,

Is there anything you actually need help with, because then you’re likely to get more constructive responses instead of us just being sassy towards you :wink:

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