Hello みんなさん please help me

I literally don’t remember how to use this website, I used it last week for the first time but today I’m just lost

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Do your reviews! Check the top left of the homepage, looks like this:


Also, you can read the FAQ and Guide for more info to help re-orient yourself :durtle_the_explorer:


What specifically do you need help with? If it isn’t already in the FAQ somewhere I’m sure we can help get the ball rolling!


I literally read this thread as みんなさんは助けてください :stuck_out_tongue:

I would suggest viewing the FAQ’s etc. I was pretty lost when I signed up and reading those helped a lot. I see a lot of people either deliberately avoiding the FAQs or not seeing them, maybe they should link you to it as part of the sign up process or something?

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I couldn’t find the reviews, thank you so much

thanks, this really helped me

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I did read the FAQ’s but couldn’t find an explanation on how to find the reviews and felt lost but it’s ok now, thanks.


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