Main Goals for Japanese (also need websites to help me achieve these)

So I have a few goals in mind when learning right now:

  1. be proficient in reading where I rarely have to look up words
  2. be able to carry on conversations well enough
  3. understanding the language when it’s spoken very fast (similar to 2)

I do not really want to write as that takes too much time to learn

Is there any websites that will help me with these goals? currently I use (for main study):

  1. WaniKani
  2. Bunpro
  3. KaniWani

I think i need more websites with listening practice but im not sure what to use for that, any suggestions?

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I highly recommend the “Human Japanese” apps for your study, they do a great job of explaining various grammar points, with lots of example sentences, all with audio, and a breakdown of the sentences as well.

Start with Beginner and then once you are finished that you can get Intermediate.

Reading is also a really great study tool once you have a base level, and for that you can check out Satori Reader (Same people as Human Japanese) there is a fair amount of conent there that is available for free, with audio to go with the reading so you can listen along.

I would also suggest checking out the NHK Easy news website - NEWS WEB EASY
They have news articles written in simple Japanese with Furigana.

And don’t forget Tadoku Graded readers as well, free online books for various levels of Japanese - Free books – にほんごたどく


I wolud recommend a whole lot of native material. For listening I don’t know your level but I’m enjoying and
For reading it also depends on your level.

Consume as much media as you possibly can would be my recommendation.