Nearly done with Wanikani

I only have 2,200 flashcards left to burn. I’m wondering what I should use to study Japanese when I’m done. Does anyone have any suggestions?


In fact you should already be doing that, focus your time on reading and learning more vocabulary from that and cementing your kanji knowledge. Hopefully you already learned grammar, if not, get on it. You could make your own Anki deck if you want as you read to make sure you remember, but not strictly necessary.


there is an interesting app that is in early development called MaruMori it is by the creators of if you have heard of that! teaches grammar up to N4 so far but it is worth a look! it is currently free but it is going to become paid in the future! also you could look at bunpro as a grammar website as well
Hope this helps


Do you have more information you could provide about what you want to focus on, what you’ve done up until now, what your level is, and what you care about being able to do?

7 Likes is quite popular, especially for learning vocabularies ahead of reading. Perhaps too?

Other than that, inference from Kanji or Kana is just a skill that have to be learnt from reading. But then, probably more Kanji outside context as well, up to 3000 mark?

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